Back to the track

A week ago I made the decision that my foot brace was more of an inconvenience than it was helpful. I removed it and then went to the local gym. I enjoyed using the elliptical machine, which I used most vigorously. I also walked on the treadmill. I did this two days. The third day at the gym I tried running on the treadmill. I was able to run a mile without issue.

I have since returned to the track and run 5k each time. I no longer have any issues with my foot.

I have no clue why I beat the eight-week prediction, that is, I was supposed to wear the brace eight weeks and not run the whole time. Instead, I was only handicapped by the brace for ten days. I have no pain and no indication that the tendinitis is still there.

Nailed that one, too.   Added to the list.

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