Article in Beaver County TimesOnline: Clearly advertising for a nephrologist

I am not supplying a link because unless you are a subscriber you likely cannot access the article. In it you can see on the top a full-size, full-screen professional photo of the nephrologist who is featured. Looks like his practice is spread around in several local towns, that is, he juggles between office sites.

I don’t have anything against this practice. However, let’s look behind the scenes here. It costs money every time you acquire office space, either by rental or by purchase. This nephrologist, part of a group practice, has FOUR sites. Four? That’s big money. Think about it.

He does acknowledge that drugs can cause kidney damage. He mentions something you very well may have in your medicine box: Ibuprofen. Thankfully, I knew about that! Don’t take it like candy! I know some athletes who do and they won’t listen to me. If you already have damaged kidneys do not take it at all.

Of course we all know what else causes kidney disease.

He says kidney disease is “hard to detect.” This is not quite true, or rather, worded to sound nice. It isn’t that hard to detect. However, don’t expect your doc to run those tests, and even if these tests are run, your doc very well may overlook the obvious or assume you are of little human value and aren’t capable enough or worthy enough to be informed of the meaning of these test results.

Anyone can get a creatinine test if you live in or can travel to a state that allows independent lab testing. If you are curious. Please be aware that creatinine rises temporarily after vigorous exercise, but the body handles the elevated level and brings it back to baseline. Also, if you eat a large protein meal it will make your creatinine go up, or appear higher.

I saw the article as mostly advertising, though it did include facts about kidney disease. There is no contact information for the writer of the article. I wonder what would happen if I could locate her email address and inform her that natural cures are out there, most validated by medical studies that I have dug up.

If you have kidney disease you don’t have to be sickly! Even if you are in an advanced stage. If you learn natural medicine your health will improve! I can almost guarantee it!

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