Explosions north of Boston: No, not intentional, not suspicious, but certainly negligence: Columbia Gas


Does this look like negligence to you? It reeks of it to me. Only they can’t say that because “nothing is conclusive.”

Can we expect some Columbia Gas employees, especially those in higher places, to be leaving the country soon, if they have not already? Can we expect some whistleblowers to come out and tell the truth, then, suddenly and most mysteriously drop dead or disappear, or end up in a nuthouse as a way of silencing.

There’s big money at stake and Andover et al are not the only ones who should be concerned. I am positive Columbia Gas runs pipelines through our tiny, impoverished county here. Why not take advantage of a poor community? We already have a new Shell Oil fracking here. They bribed county officials and townspeople with the promise of new jobs. Where are the jobs? Not here in Beaver County from what I can tell. I think they hired out of Ohio to save money!

I have not had any bad experiences with Columbia Gas myself. I have used them for a while and the service has been just as expected. They even came out here when I first moved here because I smelled gas, and they came right away. The person who came even answered some questions for me, going above and beyond her duty. This is the extent of my direct contact with them. However, I don’t know the inner workings of the company, and I expect none of my readers here do, either. I believe we will find out more shortly. Stories are going to come out. That’s what I predict.

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