One job down, more in the works

I decided to back out of the second job I got. The reason is that the pay rate is not very transparent and it is actually far lower than it appears. One of their positions pays under $7 an hour, and that’s with no benefits whatsoever. The highest paying position available right now is between $10 an hour and $11. I am better off staying at my current job than taking one that pays so little.

There are also many red flags. The company is a sub-company of another, larger company. I found out this company is hurting for hirees. It looks so tiny there are only six employees or so. The reviews of the sub-company are over-the-top glowing, clearly faked. If you look at the parent company, the ones you are really working for, reviews are terrible.

I messaged the CEO with my concerns about the lack of transparency with the pay. Yes, you can message the CEO. She has now called me a couple of times. Now if this was as big a company as the reviewers state, the CEO wouldn’t be calling me directly like that. She is also a terrible presenter, very disorganized and seems inexperienced at doing presentations. I am going to gracefully bow out and sign nothing at all.

The pay at my first job took such a dip that many of us have been scrambling for other jobs. However, I believe they overhired or had too many signed up for the shifts. All that changed since the weekend. Suddenly, shifts are open and I am seeing more work.  I am not worried about losing my job at all, not at this point anyway. I am beginning to consider renewing my contract after all.

My supervisor is being replaced by someone else. I’m not sure what is up with that. This came without warning. They seem to be shuffling things around back there. We aren’t privy to the goings-on really.

I am still working on my Lithium book. Every day I work on it and also during slow periods at work.

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