News from me: Second job!

Many of us at my current job are seeking “backup” jobs or jobs to supplement what we are getting paid currently. We all experienced what amounted to a pay cut because the company overhired, meaning there are too many of us given the work load. This means we are paid less. Although the pay is mostly still decent, I feel that the company was deceptive when the supervisors promised that the work load would remain the same. It’s likely that just as many calls are coming in but with too many of us hired now, obviously each individual worker is getting less, therefore, lower pay. Last time I met (via teleconference) with my supervisor during a work meeting, I asked to speak with her privately after the meeting. She did, but immediately, she said if it wasn’t about the content of the meeting she wasn’t allowed to answer it. She said these meetings this week were only for one topic, and that topic only. Yes, it was silencing, but I said nothing. She said I could email her, but I notice she doesn’t really answer email (except to copy and paste stuff). (A lot of people out there can’t really write very well….)

She has addressed these things in meetings before, but I suspect since she knew I tend to be the one to point out discrepancies she really didn’t want to deal with whatever I had to say. I know many are complaining quietly among themselves about what has amounted to a pay cut.

My coworker friends and I are helping each other get other jobs. After I found the company yesterday, I emailed a link to the application site to my friend. She has been sending me links, too. We feel that our current position isn’t as stable as we would like.

I don’t plan to renew my contract with the current company in November. Many of us are not, despite the company’s false promise that “almost everyone renews their contract.” This couldn’t have been possible because we were the first ones hired to work for this retail establishment. I wonder if anyone else caught onto that obvious lie.

We have to keep our mouths shut, of course. I am well aware that what I am posting is public. I feel safe publishing this because 1. People do not read, 2. There are millions of webpages out there, mine is only one, and 3. Employers usually go straight to Facebook. That is the snooping end-all. Let ’em. They won’t find me.


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