So much for the medicos!

Today I narrowly escaped capture! I have noticed something wrong with my foot lately. What do most people do when they have even the slightest ache or pain? Straight to the doc they go! What do they get? A bill, radiation called X-rays (which do not cure!) a long wait, a misdiagnosis, and harmful pills! Or even worse.

After the foot pain didn’t stop I finally called the telephone doc service I use now and then. The tried to tell me it was my heart and urged me to go to the emergency room. I told him, Okay, I will go.”

What now? If I don’t go will he call the cops? I’m not an MP anymore so that kind of thing never happens anymore. Still, the memories linger. I assured him I was going right away! Meanwhile I had images of being abused all over again. I knew if I went to an ER I would get unnecessary tests and drugs, and a misdiagnosis! I can’t let them coerce me onto dialysis! I am afraid of being given treatment I don’t want, don’t need, and could kill me.

I looked up on the web to find a local podiatrist. It took a number of calls but I found one. I have left the office and am headed home. I have a brace on my foot. No X-ray needed!

A podiatrist knows feet better than an ER doc. Thankfully, she took into account that I am a runner and I also mentioned that I carry groceries home on my back. Another thing I told them was that I work a desk job.

The diagnosis? Sorry to disappoint some of you, but I am hardly at any medical risk. I am not dead yet either, so you all can expect plenty of writing from me! I have tendinitis! I have had it before maybe 30 years ago.

The podiatrist said this will take eight weeks to heal. I can still walk the dog but I can’t run on it for a while.

This is yet one more example of how putting on one’s thinking cap and taking charge of your health helps you stay healthy. I saved my life by avoiding the ER, and saved taxpayers an awful lot of money.

2 thoughts on “So much for the medicos!”

    1. yeah it does. It’s not a big deal. Good thing I had enough common sense to know it wasn’t my heart. I ended my subscription to the telephone doctor service and put in a complaint.

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