Illegal credit card policy

I had fraud on a credit card. It’s one of those “bad credit” credit cards you can get that I never use. The fraudster maxed out the card, but it’s only 300 dollars.

When I reported the fraud I expected the same policies any other credit card has. This one insists that I send them a notarized statement AND file a police report.

I think this is asking too much of someone who didn’t even commit a crime. Don’t you?

In order to get this charge taken off I have to do this. So basically they’re holding it over my head. I figured out how to get notary service free of charge. You don’t have to pay! Just go to your bank where you have an account. Or do it at a local hometown bank where you might go to get bus change. They are likely not to charge. I hope.

Now for the police report, here’s my workaround. I have a feeling this credit company isn’t even going to check up on me. You’re supposed to sign this paper saying you did file. This is what I am doing. I have written a letter to the local police telling them that there was fraud on the card and the card has been canceled and replaced. I am sending this snail mail. They are not likely to care, but now I can say I “filed.”

I don’t want any further police trauma. I don’t want contact with them and I don’t want a “record” with them. I feel that it’s my right, as victim of a petty crime, to report, or not to. Taxpayers pay for police service and as a non-criminal taxpayer myself, I feel I have the right to use this local service or not to use it.

I have a feeling that this policy on the credit card company’s part isn’t legal. Well, then, instead of reporting fraud on the card, should I report the credit card company to the cops?


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