Is there an alternative to Amazon?

I am hoping to order less from Amazon and eventually, end my association with that business altogether. I feel that the company has made some bad business moves that hurt people in the lower income brackets. I also am appalled by the way Amazon treats its workers. I know someone who worked for them who tells me the culture is exactly as the media has reported. The company is overly demanding to the point where workers are afraid to take a minute of personal time to go pee. The company is also brutal to its home workers. I just read about Amazon’s pushing their electric bill costs onto townspeople in Virginia and Ohio.

I am wondering about alternatives. My concern is that I want to find a mail-0rder company that offers low prices and discounts, and at the same time, a decent variety to choose from so I can price-compare.

One alternative is Walmart dot com. You do  have to pay shipping but if your order is over a certain amount they will waive the shipping cost. I have found stuff there that I couldn’t get at Amazon. One example was a 20-lb bag of dry, plain white rice, for which I paid $8. I had it delivered for free because I also ordered a few other household things that are either too heavy or too bulky to carry home from their physical store (such as laundry detergent). I fear, though, that Walmart also might treat employees badly or not pay them enough.

I also know that much of the stuff at Walmart is poor quality. The clothing is not made well in general, rips or falls apart easily. The food selection is decent if you know where to look for the good stuff. Even in the appliance section you’re likely to get something that is a cheaper version of the real thing, which due to poor workmanship will either break quickly or doesn’t work to begin with. I have not gone there to do grocery shopping in ages.

I have been ordering vitamins and herbs from Amazon. In fact, this is the main expense I make with that company. I am hoping to order directly from the various merchants instead.

Here is how you do that: If you see a product being sold on Amazon, see who makes or packages the product. Go to that company’s site and see if they are offering the product at the same price. Many companies are knocking down their prices to compete with Amazon, so I believe a departure from Amazon can be done in an economic and practical fashion.

I will compile a list of herb packagers and sites I have found where you can order various other things and post it here.

Feedback and comments welcome!