Asking again, because I did not get a response to my question

What do you guys think about a book that would be a guidebook for those who took lithium. We are all entering our senior years if we are still alive. Many are considering dialysis and even more are very sick with kidney disease.

Kidney disease makes you exhausted. You are always anemic. Your skin itches like mad. You swell up until your legs and even your arms are enormous. You have fluid around your heart and lungs. You huff and puff like a smoker doing ordinary things. Most cannot walk. You are typically limited to very little water per day and you feel like life isn’t much fun, to say the least. You will drop dead very soon anyway.

All these things will come to pass, and I think doctors do not give the right advice to lithium survivors. This is why I want to write this book.

My question is….Do you guys think there’s a market for this book? Will you help me out trying to publicize it? It would really be a booklet, but i would put it on Amazon for visibility. Would you be willing to review it if it cost only 99 cents to buy on Amazon?

Please respond. Even if no one does I am likely to write the book anyway and hope for the best. My self-esteem doesn’t depend on the “approval” of others, after all.

I know there is such a lack of information on post-lithium life that the book would be appreciated by many people.

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