Another reason to avoid online school

I was just browsing job openings. I saw one for an online school admissions officer. These scumbags are on commission. I think that’s enough reason to stay away! Yes, they get kickbacks for coercing you into their program!

This explains a lot. I remember when I called SNHU. They are very pushy. The admissions officer kept saying their school was a “perfect match.” This made me wonder, but I fell for it anyway. It was really obvious she was pushing for another reason, but I didn’t even think she was on commission. This is not even ethical.

When I inquired I told them I already had a masters, and maybe I would be interested in some sort of certification to “earn money” on top of the masters that gets me no money. She coerced me into an associates. This is such a slimy thing to do…I was disgusted when I found out h0w bad the classes were.

When I applied for aid they told me I didn’t qualify for a Pell, because they said I already used up my Pell for my bachelors. Suddenly, they informed me that they had finagled a Pell Grant for me. Not legally!  I didn’t realize this until it was too late. Then they said that I now qualified for a loan, too. This was all done illegally.

Then when I called the Dept of Education a couple of years later, to report that the school was a scam, and told them I’d been given a Pell illegally, they wanted “proof.” I called Bennington and they said it was so long ago they did not have the paperwork. But they said by all means, the gov’t had it. Why? Because SNHU knew about it when I applied. However, I called the gov’t back and found that all records of my former Pell Grant were obliterated from gov’t records. What now?

I couldn’t prove anything! They wouldn’t believe me that the grant and loan were done illegally. Instead, they offered me a disability waiver. I think that was to silence me.

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