Great news! I’m not anemic anymore!

Hey anyone out there! Hello world!

I was told the situation was “hopeless” and that due to my kidney disease I would be anemic for life. I was told I would have “poor blood quality” and that would continue on and on. I was told I would feel “tired” and “depressed” all the time, meaning I would surely require a shrink for that, if nothing else.

I just took another look at the blood test results that came back a while ago. The date was some two weeks ago that I had it done (without a doctor’s prescription but in a real lab).

I AM NOT ANEMIC ANYMORE! My hemoglobin is healthy, at 14.1 and RBC are right in range at 4.93.  No wonder I’ve been feeling great lately! No wonder I look so much happier, too.

If they tell you it isn’t possible, don’t let that stop you.

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