Death and taxes

Today I filed my taxes and paid them. First time filing state taxes EVER and first time filing taxes in 37 years.

Today I went grocery shopping. It had been a while. I picked up “stuff” for me and for Puzzle. Lotsa organic food. Then I carried 67 pounds of groceries home on my back. I beat my previous record of 56 pounds. Now I have topped my age even.

I wore my hair loose yesterday. I am amazed. MY HAIR OFF PSYCH DRUGS.

I ran 10k last time I ran. The weather is turning beautiful. (10k is about 6.2 miles.)

I paid off my debt to almost zero and my credit score went up.

All of this because I left the mental illness system behind in the dust.

Leaving the System does not mean just stopping the drugs. In fact, if you do that and only that it won’t solve anything and will likely make things worse.

Freedom means you don’t rely on shrinks anymore. You think for yourself. You stop believing their lies. You stop the limiting belief that you were told about your supposed “mental illness.” It means you do not live in a mental health setting, nor require one.

What happens next? Eventually, you will no longer want or need their drugs.


3 thoughts on “Death and taxes”

  1. Hurray! Glad you’re doing so well Julie.

    I just finished reading Death and Taxes by Dorothy Parker. One of the last best selling American poets. (Shel Silverstein was the other.)

    1. That’s funny, in my entire schooling I never knew who was “bestselling.” I did know that Graham Greene was likely the most prolific published author of the 20th Century, maybe because he was born at the beginning of it and died at the end! (No relation.)

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