Is there such thing as an honest employer?

Is there such thing as an honest employer? I am beginning to suspect that “honest” and “employer” are incongruous and cannot be found together. Ever. It’s like “mental” and “health.” A total impossibility.

Employers do not follow ethics. They have them, or claim to, but they don’t practice what they preach. I don’t think it’s even possible to be “fair” if what you really plan to do is to boss people around, hold power over them, and manipulate the heck out of them.

Now let’s take the very first step in hiring. The application. Do you see all the dirty stuff on your employer like he sees about you? Do you know your employer’s Social Security number? Did you ask him for his ID, too? Did you ask him if he has reliable transportation to get to work, if he has a sitter for his kids, if he can work holidays if necessary, if he has “health conditions” that could keep him from working…all those nasty questions you were asked. Did you give him an odd look and ask him if he might be pregnant?

Did you do a background check on your employer and did he file paperwork with you? What about his disability statement? Did you require him to file one because he says he needs reading glasses sometimes, or asked to take time off so he can see the dentist? Did you demand that your employer go to rehab because you suspect he might have dropped in on the local CVS and had…god forbid… a flu shot….or didn’t get one. And what does he keep in that locker of his?

Are you keeping tabs on his workouts? Or how many days he’s gone without one? Let’s keep on with those workplace pep talks!

Is there such thing as an ethical company? I have not seen one yet. Is every company out there as dishonest as I suspect? Is this the definition of “company”? DISHONEST, UNETHICAL, TREATS WORKERS LIKE SHIT…….

Now…looking back……When I was a kid, I worked for this place called The Bagel Deli. This place served bagel sandwiches and I ended up being the waitress. We had a guy in the back named Tom baking the bagels and a gal who made sandwiches. It was the three of us pretty much on the shift. I am trying to recall names here. I remember my friend Sean who came in. He was CUSTOMER. My friend. I remember my coworker who was the very first bulimic I ever met. She did not fit the stereotype. My first reaction was, “Why on earth would anyone ever do that?” She was a hippie type. I think also a vegetarian. The fact that she did that didn’t impress me one way or another and I sure didn’t think of it as a disease or anything she suffered from. Just a very weird thing to do. It was 1978.

All that was going okay. The personnel manager was underage and an illegal but I didn’t deal with her much, not at first. Her name was Sylvia. I think she ended up okay because she married David, the owner, anyway. Sylvia was only 15 and from El Savador. I never quite understood the mentality there. Then there was Deya, who came from England. I didn’t know her age but there was something¬† illegal about her, too. People said Deya looked like a model and she very well may not have been from England. She really looked striking. She was dating one of the other guys who owned the place. She also worked as a waitress and wasn’t very nice.

All kinds of people drifted in and out of there. Now that got strange. People came, talked to the owners, left. Came, talked to them, money was passed, and they left. Yes, you know exactly what I was thinking, as did anyone who had half a brain.

One day they got rid of me, got rid of me and a few others. They brought in some of their pals from El Salvador to work there instead. I had moved away so it didn’t matter much. My friend Sean said the Bagel Deli didn’t last much longer after I left.

Are there nothing but dishonest businesses out there? Is the definition of business “dishonest” and “unethical”?

I don’t know anymore. Are we supposed to put up with this and is this what working is supposed to be like? Do you just kiss ass to the boss and then, laugh once you get home and take off your work clothes and assume your normal role once again? Or is all of life a stage and do we not get to laugh until after it is all over? Why can we not laugh right now? I think we damn well should. Life itself is far too short. Take off your work mask and let’s get laughing. Belly up.


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    1. You would not believe the very legitimate complaint calls I get from customers on daily basis. Poor quality items they paid a high price for, missing items, items that are left out of the package, completely wrong item to the point of ridiculous, and worse.

      It gets really sad. You get customers that shelled out their last bucks to buy a gift for a beloved relative, only to open the package, ready to give the gift and find out they can’t give it because it’s crap. And I have to lie and claim I have no clue how that happened because saying “that’s inexcusable” is disparaging our own company…I’d like to, though. I’d like to say retail is a total sham, and maybe Kate Spade decided that, too, but that is too much of an assumption.

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