Another one ….immediately after mental health treatment

Folks will believe me or they won’t. I can point this out over and over but it’s useless because people think mh treatment actually heals. They don’t realize the supposed treatment might be the cause. It’s pointless to say anything sometimes. Sometimes better to wait till the rest of the world figures it out.

4 thoughts on “Another one ….immediately after mental health treatment”

  1. Yes. I think folks get mad when you tell them SSRI’s do not heal depression because they love the illusion of security and hope/

    “Quiet! You’re spoiling my placebo effect.”

    1. We can’t assume he was given SSRI drugs. That is a huge leap. We can assume he he was hospitalized, though. That is what I was referring to when I said “treatment.”

  2. Psychiatrists get away with deliberately, systematically setting people up for murder and suicide (to serve as examples of why we need their drugs) because what they do is so awful that the public simply can’t believe the system they’ve put their trust in could be so malevolent. I don’t now how it’s going to end, but it won’t be pretty.

    1. It is just so odd….The elephant right there in the room….No one says anything about it but I assume he was hospitalized and handed a therapist. That is my beef with this. We don’t know if he was drugged, but we do know he was locked up a few days because that’s what they do, and they make him go to therapy. Which was immune to suspicion. That couldn’t have been it. Must have been the bullying.

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