What is CAPA?

This abbreviation, as I knew it in the past, usually stood for one or the other “performing arts center,” but now it seems to stand for a variety of antipsych organizations.

One is the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault located in Canada. The other is a Christian antipsych organization. I don’t know what the letters stand for but it’s also CAPA, just the same letters. The ideology is not the same, so please do not confuse these organizations.

Maybe one or the other should have considered the possibility of confusion when naming their organization. I wonder which came first. I understand BB’s CAPA in Toronto has been around for ages and ages. What about the Christian CAPA? Does anyone know which one is older? You cannot claim rights to an acronym, actually, but common sense tells me maybe they should have thought of this. Or maybe they just wanted to be named the same thing as a lot of performing arts centers. Shall we all argue this one out? Or is all of life a stage and we but actors upon it?

Life just gets funnier and funnier, depending on how you look at it.

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