Puzzle can’t hear the mailman anymore

Puzzle doesn’t hear well anymore. She usually doesn’t hear the mailman. Even when he makes a lot of noise delivering something, like when he stuffs the mailbox with circulars, she can’t seem to hear it. My friend came yesterday and knocked while I was working and Puzzle did not even hear that. It was a lucky coincidence, since normally I ask that people do not come by while I am at work due to the possible barking noise. Puzzle was in the bedroom at the time, not near the door. Although my friend knocked a number of times, Puzzle ignored it altogether.

Calling Puzzle when we are outdoors is a challenge since she can’t hear me. I do not like to shout, especially during times when my neighbors might be asleep. I have tried clapping. Indoors, this definitely works okay. Outside, maybe…but maybe not.

My solution?  A whistle. Not a loud human type used for athletics. I use a doggie one. These are audible but they’re not loud and they do not hurt human ears. Many humans cannot hear these whistles. I can hear mine and I don’t mind the sound too much. Puzzle hears it, too. It calls her to attention briefly and then she looks at me at least. This is all I need.

Attention. Please look. I am calling you. She can then see I am clapping my hands or beckoning her toward me, or motioning that she should sit, or making a “no” statement. Don’t do that. Come over here instead of eating the neighbor’s lawn.

If your dog is losing his/her hearing, you can get one of these dog whistles on Amazon for about $5. I would not pay $30 for such a whistle, though I see some are that costly. Some you can actually play tunes on. If you want that, maybe you can pay more, but I just want Puzzle to hear okay.

Of course, there’s the other method: You want your dog to come? Open the fridge. It works every time. If that doesn’t work try the freezer.

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