Article on Chaya’s site on Effexor, go take a look!

Shocking Details For Moms and Babies Trickling Out on Questionable Effexor (SNRI) Drug Marketing

I would love to see a full list of all those drugs banned in parts of Europe. I do know women who stayed on anti-d’s and miscarried or even had a stillbirth. Many blamed themselves without realizing the drug was likely the cause. I hear that having a stillbirth is about the worst thing that can ever happen to a person. I am not speaking from experience, but from what I have read. I know a few women who never got over their miscarriages, either.

My mom miscarried right after having me. I was too young to know she was pregnant. She revealed to me years later about the incident. She told me that instinctively, she knew right away from the beginning of the pregnancy that something was wrong. I think that her intuitive knowledge likely prepared her well for what happened. She had two healthy babies after that, and nothing more was said.

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        1. I stopped twice, but the first time I was just switched over to another drug. Second time I had only been on it for three weeks and was on the very lowest dose, so I stopped it cold turkey. I have heard that people who have been on Effexor long-term have a very hard time getting off of it. I am not sure about what surviving antidepressants says about switching to another drug that is easier to withdraw from, then, going off of that one. Problem is, every single one of these acts differently on different people, so I imagine switching to another anti-d is in itself risky. Back in 1999 I recall the doc ramped up the Seroquel, supposedly to help me sleep and to cut the Effexor withdrawal effects…I was not sleeping on the stuff. While it did work, of course, the Seroquel then worked its magic to cause my weight to skyrocket. Either way, it can indeed be a losing battle with these drugs. Can be.

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