Don’t download nor use the PayPal app….

I am suspect of the PayPal app. I suspect it gathers more info than you’d want it to, but I am not sure of the particulars.

If you have recently moved and Paypal didn’t ask you to “verify,” this is where it gets sticky. You can continue to use Paypal in your browser, but as soon as you use the app you are flagged and asked to “verify.” This is a major nuisance for many users who very well may be too busy to deal with this. While I realize it is a security measure, uploading a bunch of scans is a nuisance and you may not have immediate access to a scanner. Many do not.

Paypal doesn’t necessarily demand verification each time you relocate. They will only do this if “issues” arise. Opening that Paypal app is an issue, apparently. I’ve known this for years and avoided the app.

If all you have is a cell or tablet, use the browser app in your cell to access the Paypal site. While it means dealing with tiny print you might have to enlarge, doing so will save you some headaches. If you are using a Kindle, use the Silk browser supplied by Kindle.

Just sayin’.

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