Word to the wise about meat and animal products

According to my naturopath, who is for sure an expert on this topic, “Range Free” and other similar wording you see on packages containing animal products is only a marketing ploy.

He states that these terms, along with “Natural,” are not indicators that the meat or other animal product is organic. He states that the animals might roam free (or might not) but this label alone won’t guarantee the meat doesn’t have hormones, steroids, and antibiotics in it.

I do not trust supposed “organic” meat from Walmart. If you see it at all. I do trust their organic eggs. I have seen organic meat at ALDI and I’d say that ALDI’s fish, furthermore, is decidedly better-tasting.

Do not buy frozen or canned fish! It is loaded with chemicals or added salt. I have yet to see frozen fish unadulterated, though you may see it in a higher-end store.

I can only afford fresh fish once a week or less often, as the cost is prohibitive. I see it as a treat and not a regular thing. I don’t eat canned fish as the salt content is insane. Puzzle can’t handle it, either. There’s only one place around here that sells unadulterated local chicken. I wish I could afford it unadulterated for Puzzle all the time, at an affordable price. I suspect that feeding her people food is ultimately less expensive than feeding her Grade B food, namely, dog food. The cost is about the same but since I switched her in 2012, vet bills and necessary visits have gone down to very few. She no longer gets dry skin or unexplained scratching.

Eat well and live!

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