Call for Submissions for an Anthology on Forced Psychiatry

Please help spread the word!

I am asking readers to actively share this site. Please help out! I have no money to pay for a publicist. Without publicizing there will be no submissions (that actually has happened to classmates of mine and they had to abort the project!). I am not profiting off of this and in no way does the project constitute self-promotion. I will likely take a financial loss, in fact. This is a service I am offering to the community, and will take time, money and effort on my part. Please help out by contributing and spreading the word.

6 thoughts on “Call for Submissions for an Anthology on Forced Psychiatry”

  1. Julie, I two suggestions. First, your site is about a massive violation of human rights, so the background picture of your home page ought to have something more on-topic than that picture of the potted cactus. Second, it was quite frustrating to click again and again on the text and go nowhere (even though the cursor seemed to indicate that would get me somewhere.) I was about to give up when I discovered the tiny arrow on the right hand side that allowed the page to scroll down. At least that’s how it worked on Google chrome. I hope you get that fixed so potential contributors don’t give up.
    I’ll share it with my FB friends and on the icarus project if you’d like. Good luck.

    1. Oh I need details. You mean the original pic? That is a wordpress pic. I can get rid of it. My issue is that if I put up a pic I have to think about copyright issues. I left that one there but you are right. If I delete the pic that’ll solve it.

  2. Julie, A possible glitch that could deter readers from posting comments here: I entered a comment about your forced psych site and clicked to send it, but it seemed to disappear because I hadn’t yet clicked to accept cookies. At least I didn’t get the usual confirmation notice. Could you let me know if you got that? If not, perhaps there’s some way you could remind readers to click on that cookies agreement before commenting.

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