Melatonin: For a change, the FDA is helping us out

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Did A Melatonin Patent Inspire Current Dose Confusion?



In brief: Melatonin was shown to be effective in multiple studies, very effective, but at the dose of 300mcg, which is much, much lower than the doses you see in drugstores. Overdosing on Melatonin will likely not harm you, but too much will be overkill and at that point, the hormone loses its effectiveness.

MIT tried to patent the stuff but the FDA said no. The blogger (or commenter) states that the FDA had bigger fish to fry. However, maybe the reasoning was that the choice should be up to the people taking the stuff!

Had the FDA granted the patent, what would this mean? This would mean our access to Melatonin would be limited. To get Melatonin you’d have to see a doctor, and that means going back to that office just to get your fix.

Agreeably, Melatonin is a hormone. It’s not a vitamin. There are other hormone products you can buy at a health food store as well. Many hormones can be found in nature, outside of the body, and can be harvested and used as supplements. (I have heard that Melatonin is an animal product and not Kosher, but I haven’t actually looked on a bottle. Have you?)

The blogger himself states that Melatonin at any dose never did anything to him. If you read the original post he states he didn’t have trouble sleeping anyway. Would you take a sleeping pill if you slept fine to begin with?  Would you take psych drugs….under any circumstances?

Health freedom, if it were to exist in our society, would mean you could say no to unnecessary drugs and supplements you see no need for. (A drug for shyness? Really? Why fix what ain’t broken!)

Either way, do you really want a doctor to control what you do and do not put into your body? Or do you want to have that control yourself? Do you want free choice, or do you want your body controlled by doctors, hospitals, and insurance decisions?

What if the FDA made all dietary supplements prescribed only? Think of all the people who voluntarily choose to use supplements? Most can be obtained cheaply if you shop around, depending on how savvy you are and where you are located.

Making supplements available by prescription only would bring in big business to the MD, no? Imagine that. They wouldn’t “recommend” and then, allow the patient to choose. They’d prescribe. You’d have to go to the doctor for refills on your B complex or whatever.

Goodbye, choice. Goodbye freedom to experiment and discover for yourself. Goodbye decision-making rights and autonomy. The doctor owns you now.

What do you think? Do you think certain supplements should be regulated? Or do you think drugs should be unregulated? Let me know.


2 thoughts on “Melatonin: For a change, the FDA is helping us out”

  1. Personally I think a person should be able to put anything they want in thier body. It’s your life it’s your body. Although we were given free will upon creation, my government did not get that memo.
    I remember talking to my Congressman on 4/20/2010. I was there representing the Mental Health Consumers of SW Wisconsin. I had an appointment. My representative wanted to talk about weed. I had been emailing his office for a decade. Mostly just responding to emails from NORML and MPP. I was also holding a sign that said, Is my Medication Legal Yet?” He was all for handing over weed to Dr’s and Big Pharma. Something about drops you can put under your tounge.??? I left horrified. I was always for decriminalisation. It’s never a good idea to hand something over to the Medical establishment and its evil twin Big Harmya. I can’t imagine having to get a script for my vitamin C anymore then I can imagine needing a Doctor’s consent to smoke a bong hit.

    1. I agree there. Something that grows in the ground shouldn’t be regulated and “prescribed.” Especially since users have been managing their “meds” on their own all this time. Why should a doctor be better at managing someone else’s body?

      A lot of doctors cause addiction anyway. I think there’s a statistic on that somewhere. Speaking from the POV of knowing many who became addicted to street drugs after they couldn’t get enough of their fix from the doc.

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