WARNING: Changes to your Social Security Benefits Letter

I am on the phone with Social Security right now as we speak, with a wait of over an hour to speak to a representative……

If you guys go to MySocialSecurity dot gov, you can download your “benefits” letter. Beware, though, these letters have changed.

Before, the benefit letter said “Social Security is paying you…” and the amount. That was it. Nice and simple.

Now, your lovely benefit letter states that you are Dis-Abled. I don’t know what good it will do, but you can try to call them and get a letter than does not cause instant discrimination from landlords, banks, and others who need Proof of Income.

My last landlord accepted the tax statement from SS, but I just talked to an institution that refused to accept that and wants the “benefit” letter. I refuse to send them any mention of a dis-ability.

I am furious. Not at the people who demanded proof. They have their policies. However, I am furious that Social Security outs us like this. Worse than furious. The ole activist in me is not going to let this one go. I’m going to be on hold for quite some time here. I don’t think it’s too much to ask SS to send me a neutral benefit letter.

Have any of you  received the new Medicare card? I understand this one doesn’t reveal Social Security number. They wised up, didn’t they? However, if this new card says “dis-abled” on it, I’m throwing Medicare out the window.

Of course, the folks that demanded the letter very well might have decided to “check” to see if I’m dis-abled. Screw ’em.

Feedback and comments welcome!