Effects of lithium they won’t tell you about

Did you know that lithium carbonate causes terrible pimples? My skin was broken out from the year I started that stuff until a few months after it was stopped. Pimples mean your kidneys are breaking down.

I took lithium from 1984 until 1996. It also makes your hair curly, but please…don’t take it for that! Do you want big hair? Take this pill….

It makes you shake very very badly. Some people gain weight from it. I didn’t. It will make you extremely thirsty all the time. Many people gain water weight.

As for anything positive, it helped me with my ED for unknown reasons. I believed I was “cured” for a few years. Cured? While my kidneys slowly deteriorated.

I don’t remember it flattening my emotions any. I had moodswings like any other human being and I don’t recall lithium changing that, though many say they do feel lifeless and flat. I don’t recall it ever helped me sleep nor influenced that, except it causes diabetes insipidus which can interfere with sleep.

It kills your thyroid and your kidneys and many who are on it now will die young. Likely in their 50’s. But…try to tell someone in their 20’s this, and they will not care. Yet.

Great cure, but we lost the patient. –Hemingway


2 thoughts on “Effects of lithium they won’t tell you about”

  1. Julie, I have a friend who worked as a compounding pharmacist on the renal ward of a nearby hospital till it closed about 15 years ago. He estimated that about 50% of the kidney failure he saw there was directly attributable to lithium.

    1. That is not surprising. They keep it under wraps, too. The shame of psychiatry.

      I have on record “renal insufficiency” here but they do not know the reason. I had my GFR measured in May 2017 and it was 21. I have learned little tricks to take care of myself. For one thing, a survivor of lithium very well might need potassium supplementation, as we eliminate it too fast, while ordinary renal failure patients have to strictly limit potassium. Never mind that, I still metabolize fluids and still need the 6L a day I always did. Most renal patients have to limit their water to 1L or even less. If I go to a doctor they will just treat me like a number, claim they know better, not listen, and outright kill me.

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