I had to rewrite the title of this entry since I started with Saneocracy but never got around to writing about that.

As for meritocracy…

My workplace has this way it ranks worker and higher ranked workers get more call volume, thus higher pay per hour. I used to think this was an okay way to do things but the problems here are obvious. Apparently their way of doing things is called a meritocracy.

Of course it’s better to do things this way than rank according to skin color or gender. I agree there.  But here is my argument about a meritocracy:

People learn differently and this means people will learn some skills quickly and other skills they will take longer to pick up. What skills make you a better worker? Good question, eh? I don’t think a metrics system can truly measure the quality, depth, and breadth of a person’s work. Human value is immeasurable, is it not?

Secondly, I suspect that this will only weed out the unlucky workers faster. This doesn’t just mean the lazy ones. It means the one or two that had medical emergencies this past week. It means the one with sick kids or one who got stuck in traffic trying to get to her shift. It means several who had power outages. I get the sense that it is very hard to catch up once you slip behind. Very. Just like getting behind on your bills. You sink lower and lower while the privileged rise to the top like cream on the top of milk.

We somewhat live in a meritocracy since those with degrees tend to have better jobs and more power. But who has degrees? Those that can afford degrees. That is reality here.

I am waiting to see what happens. I like my job so far but sometimes my faith in the company waivers.

Feedback and comments welcome!