Why I don’t bother with videos and YouTubes

I am far too impatient for YouTubes and videos. I am a text learner and I do not learn by listening to someone yap. If presented with someone talking, unless it’s a famous lecturer or TED Talk, I would prefer the text version so I can shut down the yapping and quickly read the text.

Let’s put it this way. People speak at 120 words per minute. When I speak publicly I speak at 100 words per minute. By the way, that’s why I am “good” at public speaking! I do not rush!

Conversationally, the average teen speaks at up to 160 wpm. After trauma (hospital abuse when I was 53 years old), my speech got very rapid. This is a common reaction to trauma. Now, I, too, speak in conversation at 160wpm, although when I do a public speech I am at an even 100. Oddly. It is also very common to have a different “stage persona” than the way you are in real life. By comparison, a eulogy is spoken at 80wpm or slower. My speech called “When the Chips are Down,” which I hope you all listened to, was done at about 80 wpm.

Now if that’s speaking speed, the speed of speech on videos would be the limit to how fast we pick up the text to the video. But how fast can a person read? Any faster?

As it turns out, yes. The average adult reads much, much faster than that. 250wpm. And college students read at 300wpm. This is due to the fact that college students read all the time.

I am not sure of my reading speed, but since I read and write all the time, I suspect it is faster than I have thought. I am so frustrated with people’s insistence on narrating what I would rather just read to myself very fast! I don’t want it spoken aloud since this is going to slow things down way, way too much. I can read and comprehend faster if we do NOT read aloud, and reading aloud, in fact, insults me.

I do not “learn better” if I hear the words. I “learn better” if I can read at a speed that’s comfortable to me, not way too slowed down, not mechanical, not someone else’s speed, and not narrated by some nice, affluent-sounding, happy white lady. And it drives me nuts when she sounds like a bot.

Sometimes, too, I’m insulted by the oversimplified diagrams and charts. I do not need “kinesthetic learning” nor to be told “click here” just because someone insists if I do not, I’ll fall asleep on the job or in class, like I need a babysitter. I do what I am assigned, then, we can all sleep just fine.

What is this with PowerPoint? As a public speaker, I’ll clue you all in. It’s to help the speaker stay on track. It is not to help the audience one bit. It’s a little trick because most speakers are totally boring and have no ability to be entertaining on their own, using text and gestures, without “slides” as a crutch. Little secret I’m cluing you all in on.

(“Slides” also can reveal ahead of time to the conference organizers what the presenter will be presenting, so they can control and censor if they want. I had told NEDA/BEDA that I would not be using slides, but handouts which I would supply myself. Apparently this was too scary for them, because they do not like human rights activism, so they canceled me, ha ha!).

I’m insulted by video learning, but that seems to be the way of current education. Narrate everything. Hand us text, then, read it aloud like we can’t actually read. Or too lazy to do so. Or assume we’re all auditory learners. I am frustrated with this style of teaching. Saying nothing is known as “tolerance” but I am tired of that, too.

Please, please, hand me a text version. And shut off that damn yapping.

Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I alone here?


2 thoughts on “Why I don’t bother with videos and YouTubes”

  1. Your not alone, I find people dumbing things down and talking slowly to be annoying. I sit there yelling at my monitor: “c’mon, get to the point already!” I love to read but I really hate writing. I’m more of a verbal communicator. I think way faster than I can type! But the time I type my thoughts I’m 20 ideas ahead and I get frustrated. I know they have voice activated typing software, it’s in my laptop. One day I might use it. Everyone has different learning styles too. I can read and listen to comprehend but I am really a visual or hands on type of learner. Show me scematics and I understand. I have learned everything by doing it. I had no choice. I used a YouTube video to fix the AC in my car, saved $100! I needed to see exactly where to put the freon in and how. Mostly I use YouTube to listen to this old Rabbi in Israel, it puts me to sleep.
    I guess I’m too lazy to study Torah…I have been complimented on my speaking style. No big words, no filler just straight to the point. I wish everyone communicated like that. It’s not that I don’t understand others, I just don’t see why people take 10 minutes to explain something simple. My YouTube channel is mostly videos I have made for Human Rights or Social Justice campaigns. I don’t talk in any of them. I use music and pictures to communicate. It’s universally understood.

  2. When I have to find instructions on how to fix something in my computer I go to the non-YouTube one! I want step-by-step written instructions. Funny, though, most people prefer YouTubes.

    I tried voice recognition software, wondering if I’d have to resort to it if I truly lost my vision, but even when I really was unable to see a darned thing, typing was much, much faster. Before cataract surgery I was struggling to see the difference between a comma and a period and couldn’t see why I had misspelled words. In fact, I could barely see the red line under those misspellings. I couldn’t see the difference between a small letter i and a capitalized one. I just guessed.

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