WTF? Group home with no fire exit!

Check this out! This needs to be flipped to an investigative journalist.

I don’t know how to spell her name. Liz Kowalski of the Boston Globe should investigate. Her address is in my email but too far back to search for. She is the one who looked into the Arbour Hospitals and broke that story. Please note: No ground floor exit is a fire hazard and those residents were in an unsafe situation! What other abuses were going on there that may have provoked this man to do this? We need to ask questions and not just stupidly claim he was some evil “mentally ill” monster. If there was no bottom floor exit, this is very very serious. This wasn’t even a hospital, it was a lower level of care, a residential facility. Flip this to her, please. C’mon you guys, let’s do some serious activism here.

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