That “me too” question, regarding academia, in case you’re wondering

I guess you folks are wondering if I ever had problems with any of my professors making passes at me. After all, I did a lot of school. I did have trouble with work situations. I was raped when I worked as a dishwasher. They left me alone when I worked for McDonald’s, though. Working, on the whole, sucked badly. I could hardly wait to get back to school all summer long, every summer! I was too smart for work!

As for college…no. No sexual advances, not from professors. Not even close. Not at UMass. From other students, yes, almost all totally mutual. One or two, not mutual, but these were not situations where power inequity (such as student/professor) was an issue, none except male/female, the male being stronger, so I’m leaving that aside for now.

At Bennington, you bet I heard stories. Such sexual issues were very common. My friend had to deal with sexual advances from ___ professor who was known to do that to the struggling female students. I told her to report him. She didn’t. Another was also known to do such things. He left me alone, though. Not one made advances toward me. Maybe my brains intimidated them.

At Emerson, I went though almost all of my academic work with no issues nor sexual conflicts whatsoever. I made it clear I was “taken” if ever I was worried.

One time there was a close call, I’d say it actually was an “advance” or perhaps an “offer.” No further than the “offer,” not forced nor coerced, just offered. I was firm.  I am taken, and that was that. But clearly, this was an offer. I believe he wanted this to be mutual. He was married, too.  I am not saying anything more.

At Goddard, no question about it, no advances, no difficulties whatsoever. I loved the time I spent there. There were stories going around but nothing I could really verify, and I doubt any of it was even close to true.

Academia served me well, but I suppose it is a world that is part of my past. Life should be like that. You shouldn’t have to worry about guys hitting on you in your daily life. It is too stressful to live like that. Way too stressful.

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