Essential medicine: Lobelia, garlic, cayenne

These are essential medicines and two of them you can find in your grocery store! Garlic you find in the produce aisle and cayenne (red pepper) is a spice! Lobelia is a little harder to find.

Don’t give any of these to your dog. I would not. Why? We don’t live in our dogs’ bodies and in my opinion, medicating dogs in any way is like treading in a place where we don’t belong. I feel like I’d be playing God doing that. It feels like I’m violating Puzzle and I would not do that. I do adjust her diet according to her taste, but giving her herbs and drugs on my own, absolutely not, simply because I cannot even begin to guess how she feels. I can only observe very carefully. The best I can do is to work together with a vet I trust.

Now as far as my own body goes, that is different. I feel my body, I notice stuff carefully. I have noticed now, for instance, three times I have had odd reactions to antibiotics. For instance, the anti-b’s I took for cataract surgery gave me an unpleasant reaction and I had to limit my intake. These were anti-b drops.

Now you may be saying, “Oh no, you have to follow doctor’s orders!” Think through this one logically. When you have an existing infection, you need to take the full course of anti-b’s. I didn’t have an existing eye infection. These drops were being given prophylactically. So even the doc admitted (when I pressed him to admit the truth) that the anti-b drops weren’t needed for a full course, only as preventative for a very short period.

I also had to take steroid drops. I noticed minimal side effects from the steroids, but eventually I stopped those, also, likely before I was supposed to. I’m fine! The object is to prevent inflammation. I took Turmeric (a spice) internally every day to reduce systemic inflammation and I have had a very smooth recovery from the surgery. I also took Vitamin C, not in huge doses but it’s my understanding that Vit C is vital to eye health anyway. Vit C is part of my “insomnia vitamin cocktail.” I take 1000 mgs every night of that.

Lobelia is a great herb for depression. I am really never depressed. I feel that I am not depressed mainly because I do not see a therapist. Therapy causes self-absorption and that, my friends, causes the worst ever depression. Think on that one a bit if you are in therapy and depressed! I would recommend Lobelia in the morning because if I take it at night, it gives me too much of a lift. Taking it in the morning will improve sleep at night (oddly).

I also take 5HTP in the morning, which improves sleep at night. 5HTP is iffy as long-term use is unresearched (which doesn’t mean it’s “unsafe,” it just means the stuff isn’t patented so they don’t put money into researching and don’t want you to know the stuff actually works). I think if you take it you should put yourself on “vacations” from it now and then.  If you take 5HTP also take B6 in the morning.

5HTP might be effective for binge eating for some people. Do not increase the dose beyond 300 per day. Often, decreasing the dose increases effectiveness! For instance, if 200 isn’t working, try 100. I have read story after story of people who take 600 per day and wonder why the stuff is ineffective. Do not combine 5HTP with antidepressants nor with Abilify due to risk of serotonin syndrome and other complications. Please!

Cayenne stops bleeding and will stop a heart attack, according to my naturopath. I tried drinking cayenne and water mixed together and yes, it did stop a stubborn nosebleed a couple of winters ago! Just drinking the stuff did it. You can also make a poultice of cayenne and apply it to your skin. In small quantities, it will induce a hot flash, but in larger quantities, it will be overkill and reduce hot flashes. I have really stopped all hot flashes since I started taking cayenne. I can also tolerate the heat better and I do not need AC. We are having a heat wave and I barely need to run a fan. It is such a relief to be over those hot flashes once and for all.

Have a healthy day you guys!

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