Turmeric and estrogen

The reason Turmeric is recommended to prevent breast cancer (and it was proven in a medical study!) is that it lowers estrogen! Raised estrogen (from HRT or “the pill”) puts a woman at risk for breast cancer! My friend told me turmeric “contains estrogen” but from all the research I can see, maybe my friend had the research mixed up. Turmeric is an anti-estrogen spice! This is good news for men who may need a testosterone boost if sexually harmed by psych drugs.

If women have raised estrogen, they, too, can notice lowered libido. If estrogen is too low, bone thinning can occur, but I highly doubt turmeric on its own can cause bone thinning. Does anyone know?

3 thoughts on “Turmeric and estrogen”

    1. Oh yes, in fact, soy is not good for you at all! If you read that second link it says very clearly that you don’t have to worry about the hormonal effects of spices at all. Turmeric is not on either list in the links. I would stay far away from soy, the main culprit. I don’t think “soy milk” is healthy, trendy as it is. Soy is mass produced and almost all of it is GMO, as they do this to increase farming output. Vegetable oil is invariably made of mass-produced soy. Soy sauce is just flavored salty water.

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