So we thought Aliquippa was nuts…Economy Borough is ten times nuttier

The Beaver County Times Online is so stingy you cannot read a single article from their newspaper without paying, but allow me, please, to summarize….

Aliquippa gov’t is corrupt, plain and simple, which of course the gov’t in Aliquippa doesn’t admit, but it’s true. Now many of these other boroughs are also corrupt but the Times is staying clear of discussion on the matter. Most articles cover concerts. Safe as can be!

If you can avoid the concert articles (they even go so far as to cover Westmoreland concerts just to avoid the important issues facing Beaver County)…You’ll see the latest on Economy Borough. Yes, that is right, folks, we do have a borough here called Economy. It is barely on the bus line, if at all, and covers a large rural-like area. Apparently, Northern Lights, a very dead shopping area, is in Economy, as is the Walmart near there (obviously, we know how the killing happened), but I thought Northern Lights was in Baden. Apparently not. (Northern Lights is still a popular bus stop, but they keep moving the stop around. They still have a Giant Eagle there, by the way.)

Now what the heck is going on in Economy? I thought that was a quiet town, but apparently not. Until very recently, we’re talking late 2016, they were saying the Lord’s Prayer at Borough Council meetings.

Hey, do we have a Constitution here that states, “Separation of Church and State.” Am I right? Did I not study my American History? Okay…I barely passed because I was engrossed in my music classes, but this little point I did understand as it was also driven home in Hebrew School. Double driven. Never mind the Lord’s Prayer is totally offensive to non-Christians. The father son and holy ghost in Economy government? Say what? Ghosts belong at Halloween parties, not in Borough Council meetings!

Okay, we Jews invite an invisible person named Eliahu to Passover Seder. And that’s a bit of a trick right there. Has he ever shown up? NO! Of course not! He’s too busy visiting other Seders. Someone else’s. Maybe he’s stuck in a chimney and can’t get out. After all, he ate so much matzah….. Maybe he shouldn’t eat for an entire month like Pooh Bear (did that chapter by Milne cause thousands of kids to develop eating disorders?) and then, someone can pop Eliahu out of the other family’s chimney and send him along to his next Seder.  By then, we’ll all be Next Year in Jerusalem. Or chasing Last Year’s Afikomen.

Lord’s Prayer? Huh? It doesn’t compute. And does not belong in Borough Council meetings. Still, a councilwoman whose name no one can spell insists that taking the Lord’s Prayer out of the meeting is worthy of a lawsuit against the Borough of Economy (and guess who pays for this expensive lawsuit. I am not sure). Very economic.

Now you know why our sidewalks here in Beaver County are a total mess, why unemployment has hit the roof, and why they can’t seem to manage the rat infestation all around the poorer areas. Corruption.

Or maybe it’s just time to have that fifth glass of wine, sit back, and laugh our fool heads off. I mean, who would name a place a name like Economy, anyway?

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