Should you buy drugs off the internet?

Well? Should you?

Yes and no.

Yes to vitamins. You can get good deals on vitamins you have shipped to you, especially something you take in large quantity or something you take long-term.  Most powdered vitamins (bulk) are cheaper are purer than other forms. By all means, you’re better off with capsules or powder than you are with tablets. I’ve heard that anything with magnesium stearate is not good, you need to stay away from that additive, however, this is unverified.

Some liquids freeze during transit! If you are having liquids shipped, make sure you keep this in mind. Oils are likely okay. Tinctures usually are not considered flammable as the alcohol content isn’t above 45%.

Don’t buy antibiotics off the internet. My issue with this is that in most locales in the US, it is highly illegal to have them brought in.  If you need an antibiotic that badly, you shouldn’t have any trouble convincing a doctor that you need one. Or go to another doctor. If you have gone to five docs, and not one agrees then maybe you do not need antibiotics for that common cold you have.  If, on the other hand, you have strep, go to a doctor. Do you really want to wait a full month for a package that might not even arrive?

Don’t buy Viagra or similar. Again, the legalities of this are really hairy and I bet a lot of that stuff you get is not really Viagra. Don’t buy Viagra with intent to sell. You will get into a lot of trouble for this. What if the person you sell to dies?

Don’t buy speed such as Ritalin, any benzos, or any scheduled drugs. This, again, will get you in serious trouble. Don’t buy opiates.  You might be able to find painkillers pretty much anywhere. Don’t buy them online.

If you buy pharmaceuticals on the streets, if you insist, stay away from name brand drugs and stick to anything that has gone off patent. This is my logic, but I might be wrong here.  Older drugs are more plentiful, cheaper, sell for less, are sold worldwide, made by many companies, and aren’t exclusive to one company or one manufacturer. A brand name drug is likely to be copied and sold as original, but isn’t. It is a copy, not even the same, not a generic even, lotsa filler. Think: the Walmart version. Remember the cheap-looking stuff you buy there, lower prices, imitations only. The prices are likely high and what you are getting is either inferior or totally not what your dealer claims it is.

Now some of you might be asking why I am even talking about this. Isn’t buying drugs off the street totally illegal and dangerous? Is it? Yes. Doing so it something I do not recommend.

Do you want to go to prison? Most do not. Do you want to be killed? Most do not.

Going to a psychiatrist is the most risky thing you can possibly do. You are guaranteed a psych diagnosis. You could get killed by the drugs you are given. Mental patients die 25 years too young. You could get hooked on the drugs (if you can’t stop, you are!). You could get locked up! See? I told you…PRISON!

And ask any junkie. A psych ward is ten times worse than most prisons out there.

Hmm…shall we stick to the internet?

I’m giving you a fair choice.  Shrink? Or dealer? You know, they talk about alternatives, right? Or is there barely any difference?


2 thoughts on “Should you buy drugs off the internet?”

  1. I would definitely take the Drug Dealer…here is why.
    1. They give you what you ask for.
    EXAMPLE: I ask for Marijuana, I get Marijuana. If you ask for a specific drug from a Psychiatrist Ill never get that drug!
    What I will get is a “Drug seeking Behavior” notation in my chart and a speech about how I need to try this new drug on the market. That’s what I’ll get. I know what I like, but someone not living in my body will tell me what I like.

    2. They don’t try to give you drugs you did not ask for.
    EXAMPLE:No Dealer has ever told me “No, weed for you, here try some Crack!

    3. They don’t insult you with labels or psychobabble.
    In fact they know that you want what makes you feel better, they trust that you know yourself.

    4. They are usually just trying to pay their bills not playing G-d like a Psychiatrist.

    As far as buying drugs online I would recommend TOR and the dark web…. otherwise your begging to get busted!
    Luckily there are plenty of cheap drugs where I live. (60 miles from Mexico)
    I can’t imagine having to order weed online, what a hassle!
    I much prefer the Pharmacy for my Adderall. Its name brand and the quality is consistent.
    Meth is the same but Illegal and every batch is different.
    You don’t want to mess with anyone on Meth; they are not potheads so stay away!

  2. There is a lot of wisdom in what you say. Did I ever really get what I wanted from a psych? No. I always left feeling disappointed, disappointed in their lack of insight, first of all, in their callous disregard of me. Of course, you are right, I had to agree to the bonus prize of that dx when I walked away with that prescription, and that, too, was some pill that always let me down.

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