Please wear one of these to work and see how fast you get fired

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Here are the shirts:

Do you really want to BOAST about your past or present diagnosis? Yes, it’s okay to be sad, in fact, sad is not a disease, but let’s stop right there. I doubt you want to boast that you ever saw a therapist and took pills while you’re at work. I doubt you want to mention the word “stigma” unless you’re saying “There’s a stigma to working here at McDonald’s.” Or boast that you went to treatment, nor boast that it runs in the family.You might not keep your job very long! Even worse, tell them you used to take pills, and then, tell them you don’t really have a diagnosis. Unless you are particularly convincing, they’re likely to roll their eyes, pick up the phone, and call 911. After you get that mess straightened out, you are likely to discover you’re job hunting again.

Never mind that, this t-shirt company is a NAMI corporate sponsor. Catch my drift?

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  1. Wow all sold out and backordered with a 4 week wait time! ? The “sayings” are not even that creative. It seems the designer was chemically restrained. “Stressed but we’ll dressed”?? In a T-Shirt? Well, I suppose it beats a hospital gown..

    1. My shirt says, “Proud to be noncompliant” but the other side does NOT boast about my diagnosis of anosognosia!

      1. My shirt says: “people like you are the reason people like me take medication” I think I could definitely come up with something better! I can’t believe people bought those lame shirts. (No offence to lame people who might be reading this, Get over it I’m not changing my vocabylary)

        1. Sounds like a spin on “You drive me crazy!” Only according to modern psychiatry we can’t be driven crazy. Our genes make us that way. Abusive parents/partners, PTSD, reactions to SSRIs have nothing to do with it. “Nobody’s fault” actually means “only the nut-job is too blame.”

        2. They blame the family, too. They want the family to feel guilty so they’ll pay the shrink bills.

  2. I don’t know they can say “Your body is not the enemy” after 20 years of pounding the chemical imbalance drum.

    1. Thier frontal lobe shrinkage from the Psychotropics has impeded their ability to reason. Hypocracy and lies are the foundation of Psyciatry. I doubt that they are capable of critical thinking. You are so right, your body will be the enemy once they start to treat your ficticous disorder. I had to list 1/2 my body weight once they were done drugging me for 10 years by court order. I’m lucky. Many are disabled or dead.

  3. No worries. No one is lame except mental health professionals. Their excuses for abusing people are lame and criminal.

  4. I used to wonder why I was smarter than most of my “treatment team” and I thought it was only my imagination. I found the feeling embarrassing. Now of course I realize it wasn’t my imagination at all. Yes, they lack insight, and many are just clueless.

      1. Uh oh. Obviously they’ve known that for decades, ever since the drugs were developed and even as they were first marketing them. If we ever dare point it out, we’re labeled as psychotic and unaware of our “illnesses.” Or someone says, “Everyone is different.” If that’s true, why did all-powerful, all-knowing psychiatry fuck it up for so many people?

        1. I interviewed my 80+ year old Psychiatrist at the State Hospital. She told me they used to put EVERYONE in an Insulin Coma before breakfast each morning. They honestly thought they were helping. This was the most dedicated Psychiatrist I have ever met. You could tell who her Patient’s were. They were the over medicated ones. Reminds me of a C.S. Lewis quote. “Tyrany…bla bla”

  5. No one who attends NAMI goes anywhere but clubhouse, day treatment, therapy, and NAMI events. Why worry? They don’t have jobs to lose–or friends outside the MI system either. I still think T-shirts saying “Kick Me I’m Bipolar” or “We Need a Little Stigma” or “Shame Patients Not Pills” would be great.

    1. They are already shamed, kicked, blamed, abused, only they don’t seem to notice nor care, too drugged and brainwashed.

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