Is your dog spoiled, too! Check out this article on nagging!

Puzzle has started nagging me too much! I only want her nagging when she really has to go, or when she’s truly out of water or if there’s something burning on the stove. I don’t want her nagging me because she wants some more veggies while she only just got some five minutes ago. Nagging should serve a vital purpose and she shouldn’t do it for manipulation. This means I’ve been spoiling her just a little too much. Ooooops! Here is an article on nagging and how it developed. The article is in relation to “petting” but in Puzzle’s case, I’ve been giving her veggies out of the fridge every time she nags. Same diff.

How to stop your dog from pawing you all the time.

She doesn’t paw. She growls and wiggles her back end and makes a general nuisance of herself and won’t be satisfied with just one green bean. She demands another and another! Then, a piece of frozen bread, a few slices of carrot, some slices of green pepper. Oh, my spoiled doggie cannot get enough! She isn’t starving!  I’ve fed her her chicken dinner already! What to do?

According to the article, I should be patient and firm. No more. You are not getting anymore food. You are going to have to wait, I am not taking you out…you just went out five minutes ago……

I will keep you all posted on how it goes.

Except likely in a few days she may not nag anymore, but likely my dog will still run my life. That, my friends, is better than having psychiatry run your life. Pick your poison, I suppose.

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