Herbal remedy popcorn

If you like popcorn as much as I do, try sprinkling healthy herbs on it instead of salt! Try this:

Kidney Popcorn
Pop the popcorn in an air popper
Melt some oil (I use coconut oil but I bet there are others that would be better!)
Dribble the melted oil on top of the popped popcorn
Dribble a few drops of toasted sesame oil also
Sprinkle on:
Horsetail extract powder (it tastes salty due to the silica content)
Finely ground celery seed or celery seed extract powder
Brewer’s yeast

Now, you have popcorn that helps your kidneys! If the diuretic effect of the herbs depletes you of potassium, add potassium salt (fake salt) to the popcorn, too, and supplement with Thiamine because that, too, can get depleted.

Thiamine comes in 100mg pills.  But I take it in powder form at a whopping 2,000 mgs every night to get myself to sleep. You could likely take 4,000 a day with no ill effects.

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