Does anyone know anything about Alternative to Meds dot com?

I’m looking over their ebook. Although some of what they say is unsubstantiated, I believe that their vitamin suggestions for various med-related maladies are valid and valuable.  I have the ebook downloaded and I find these simple vitamin suggestions are reasonable and inexpensive to implement.

Raising your protein intake, stopping smoking or cutting down, lowering sugar intake, increasing exercise…all these are reasonable suggestions. They also suggest specific vitamins, for instance, Niacin, which of course must be taken carefully (if you’ve ever had the “flush” you know what I mean!). They say that smoking is harmful due to the arsenic content in cigarettes, never mind other things.

I can see from reading this book that I could somehow derive a protocol for binge eating, and I can see that it would not be the same for everyone. Some derive pleasure from bingeing, while others decidedly do not.

Binge eating, for me, arose as part of anorexia recovery. However, I never realized this. I had never heard of anorexia, didn’t know I was “recovering” from it, nor from anything, didn’t know what “weight restoration” was, didn’t know that ravaging hunger was a part of post-AN stabilization, either. I was distraught over the binge eating. What I never knew was that the bingeing was totally normal.

However, my immersion into psychiatry and therapy caused the binge eating to last and last and last, well beyond the time period that it would have otherwise. Yes, I was still miserable! Of course!

I believe this handbook on getting off drugs is helpful, but do you guys know of these folks? I have not heard of them. Are they a ritzy place? Cost way over the heads of the average survivor? Or perhaps a scam?  I don’t even know if they’re legit. Why have we not heard of them, if they’ve been around as long as they say they have? I contacted them and asked who runs the place. Figured I would ask.

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    1. is that related to this place? I have not heard of a single one of their personnel. “Alternative healers….”

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