Kate Spade was convinced that she was “bipolar,” too bad…..

Agreeably, people do have “problems” and people do suffer. Some people are more prone to such suffering than others. However, I challenge the idea of singling out anyone as “ill” who suffers in the psychological sense. Where is the illness? Where is the defect?

Some people are more capable of thinking deeply, of feeling deeply, of experiencing a broad range of emotions, meaning that some of these emotions are not going to be easy or soft.

We humans have the capability of suffering, and this should be celebrated, not locked up nor drugged nor snuffed out as some kind of cancer, which it is not. Human suffering, even the worst anguish of all, is not a disease. It’s human.

I am not a Christian, neither by birth nor by faith, but Christians will tell you that Christ suffered on the cross, and that this suffering was the worst possible anguish that anyone could possibly suffer. He suffered physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He asked the same question Job asked, namely, he challenged why God had forsaken him.

I, too, challenged a god I didn’t believe in anymore, during the time that my eating disorder was at its worst. Whether you believe in God or not, or feel God or not, you very well may ask this question anyway. Another way to word it might be, “Why have I been forsaken?” this being in the passive, without identifying a god at all, or, “Why have I been cheated out of the life I should have had?” Again, the passive serves us well, as it does not identify a god, should you not claim one in your life. Some do, some do not, and by far the majority are not monotheistic, seeing God as not one, but as many gods, or do not have a god as such. This runs contrary to Jewish faith, the religion I grew up with, but truth is, human perspective being what it is, we can fight this one out forever and I doubt anyone will ever win the argument.

Whether you ask why your life didn’t turn out as it should have (according to whom?) or if you ask why your god did you wrong, if you ever get to that point, congratulations, you are suffering. You now have to deal with it, and it’s not easy. I doubt a pill, or booze, or a diet, or a fancy car will solve it, but such fake solutions do a great job of masking your real feelings or drowning them or causing you to forget your anguish altogether. Temporarily. What happens is that if you ever had a sense of god, which is divine, you might also feel a sense of detachment from that god as a result of having engaged  the fake cure for anguish.

How many times I’ve heard this, that we lose our sense of spirituality once we enter the mental health system! We lose our sense of the divine, whether that Holy sense involves a god or not. Humans suffering means you are touching the sky. Human suffering means you are in touch with something amazing. Of course it is going to hurt. Why medicate that or try to fix it? It is beautiful.

Sadly, due to societal pressures, many people call human suffering a disease and even take what they call “medicine” for their supposed diseases. Therapy further supports the disease notion, stamping in the permanence of dependency and neediness. Very few people have committed suicide who have had no contact with the mental health system whatsoever. In fact, statistics show that hospitalization for a mental health condition will increase chances of suicide 100-fold over the next entire year.

Was Kate Spade hospitalized?  That’s another story altogether which of course the family is remaining mum over…and the institution, if there was one, is likely going to claim……”But HIPAA laws prevent us from sharing that information.” So they will claim. A court order could override HIPAA, but likely the legal hocus-pocus will prevent the public from ever finding out. Maybe.

Maybe if there are enough celebrity suicides, someone will get pissed off and demand answers.

Shall we? We’re the public, too, you know.

5 thoughts on “Kate Spade was convinced that she was “bipolar,” too bad…..”

  1. “Good insight” or believing that you are rotten to the innermost core of your being can lead to suicide. The “bipolar” label is as responsible for this as drugs IMHO.

  2. I was diagnosed as bipolar years ago. The medications I am on HELP me. I could not work in my field if I didnt take them. I know, firsthand what happens if I decide not to take medication. Ive done it before and it isnt pretty. Your experiences are very different than mine, thats all.

    1. Read Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker, which explains how the drugs create a chemical imbalance. This is why all havoc breaks loose when people try to get off drugs. You have to get off extremely slowly, 2% per month, believe it or not, meaning it should take you years to get off the drugs, not weeks as most doctors claim, to allow your body to re-learn how to create its own natural chemicals that were there to begin with before drugs. Go to Innercompass.org which has instructions on how to properly get off drugs. If you get off too fast, say, in a month or a few days, you will experience horrible effects! That’s not an illness, it’s because of drug-dependency.

        1. Were you tested for a chemical imbalance, say, via a blood test or spinal tap?

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