Extreme local corruption continues

I believe I posted about DelTondo, who was murdered. Clearly, she knew something.


This dude was only on the job a couple of days. Obviously I need to keep my mouth shut. People have been murdered for knowing stuff. Activists are murdered daily. People like me with big mouths get killed, or picked off in some way. I’m just little ole me, but so was Rachael DelTondo. She was pretty much unknown. And yet, she found out stuff.

Be careful, folks…..

The other day, maybe a week ago, in the Beaver County paper they had an article on how the FBI (I think) had seized computers from the Aliquippa borough government. Oh and it said Aliquippa officials had no clue as to why on earth these computers would need to be looked through! After all, they’ve done nothing wrong. Really?

If they’re as crooked as the gov’t in Ambridge, then this was absolutely necessary.

The other day I phoned the water company in my borough to try to straighten out a bill. No one was there in the middle of the day. Odd…And bills are sky high. My water bill is higher than my gas and electric bills and the water here is undrinkable. Go figure.

Never mind that, the sidewalks are falling apart here.  They are not falling apart in Beaver nor in Sewickley. Ah, Better Homes and Gardens……

We all know here that if you really want to tell a good joke, tell one about the insane affluence in Sewickley, much of which is in Allegheny County. Those of us in Beaver County appreciate the laugh. Yes, I do notice they way they dress their kids……And how many Starbucks stores are there?

Where’s the comedy song about government corruption? Oh, Tom Lehrer, where have you gone? Where have all the flowers gone? Young girls from Sewickley picked them……

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