More on Verizon….geez…..

BTW, if they’re not fixing your old wires, and you are in a marginalized group, or in public housing, it’s not legal. It’s not legal for anyone but you have more of a case if you are in a protected group. Speak out! Don’t be a sheeple!

Disgusting huge homes for sale in MA

I can’t believe people live like this. Absolutely sickening.

How does a person keep a home like that clean? Seven bathrooms, great news for the local plumber, who would probably feel nauseous just parking in the driveway of one of these places. Or anyone. If you dare.

Please tell me the owners take in foster kids, like 20 of them. Or that they let homeless people stay in the extra rooms. Free.  Bet these homes are not near a bus line. God forbid.

Ah, the haves and the have nots.

I’m happy where I am. I’m happy to have a small place, just enough for me to take care of. Just big enough for me and Puzzle. I got one bathroom, with a toilet that seems to work now.  Not that that matters, as I am happy just pouring a bucket of water into it.

My friend says he cannot live without a washer and dryer. I gotta laugh. He’s deprived of the wonder of the laundromat, or the joy of washing and ironing clothes by hand.  I doubt I would even use a washer if I had one.

What would I do with a giant house? What would you do with one? Likely, turn half of it into something else. Still, too much maintenance for me! Especially the useless giant swimming pool. It’s a huge waste of water and land. You can’t do laundry in it, so what good is it? I wonder how high the taxes are……


Should psychedelics and Ecstasy be added to psychiatry’s list of remedies?

There’s been some fringe push for legalizing these drugs as prescription possibilities for psychiatry, but they’re having trouble getting legal permission to do preliminary testing. I hope it stays that way and nothing gets off the ground. Here’s why.

Prescribing hallucinogens and Ecstasy would raise psychiatry’s ailing popularity. Psych is starting to get a bad rap, and for good reason, too. They’re likely running out of ideas. Having these appealing drugs in their arsenal will bring in all sorts of new customers. This is bad news for us in the anti-psych crowd.

Secondly, What if these drugs got into the wrong hands? I’m not talking about drug abusers or resellers, but into the hands of psychiatrists who were using the patient’s “high” for less than ethical purposes. Sexual assault comes to mind, along with brainwashing, controlling the patient, silencing, and other forms of abuse.  “Molding the mind”sounds terrifying to me.

Thirdly, what if psychiatry decides to administer these dangerous drugs by force?  What if patients were on such a regimen as part of AOT?

Do we really want a nation that’s stoned? A large population easily influenced because they can no longer think straight?

Or do we have that already, in the form of drugging with Prozac, Zyprexa, and other emotion-suppressing drugs?

The very thought of being drugged with that stuff scares the heck out of me. I cherish my emotions and I do not find emotions hard to bear. Even the toughies are preferable to smothering my emotions with drugs.

If I wanted illegal drugs, I sure would not go to a psychiatrist to get them. I’d get them on the street, and that by choice, and choice only.

I can’t stand reading stories about animal abuse

So I will not tonight. I am not in the mood for it. Apparently, according to the headlines, the guy in MA who beat his dog with a baseball bat did it because his dog ATE HIS WHOPPER.

I am reading this aghast, because just now, as I have read these headlines, I have popped some burger meat into my cooker for Puzzle. If I was with Puzzle and ordered a Whopper, which I would by all means order naked, that is the burger (not me!) would be undressed (toppingless in a bun, please!) then, I would likely give most of it to Puzzle. Burgers are good for dogs! And if she ate it, I’d either laugh or say, “Good dog!” Because I love to spoil her rotten.

Now, back to my cooking……Because she’s waiting for her burger.

No human being should be called an “animal.”

Here’s the link:

Just disgusting. Misguided? Yes. Possibly subject to heavy-duty peer pressure, brainwashing, groupthink, threats, and god knows what else. He is a human being, not an “animal” in the derogatory sense.

To call someone this publicly is just sickening. Trump’s remark makes me physically nauseous.

I can think of psychs out there (like the first one that treated me at Mount Auburn, the abusive one) that are just as much “animal” as Animal. White collar crime can still kill! I was so upset, I referred to him as an asshole repeatedly, but this was said while under extreme duress. I was being abused! Of course I was stressed out!

Under ordinary circumstances I sure don’t use terms like “animal” to describe another human. It’s more than an insult.  It’s hate speech.

Awesome antimalware program called Emsisoft

I discovered Emsisoft through another site I frequent, a nonprofit site, which actually benefited when I used their referral link.

Emsisoft is lightweight, not too expensive, works extremely well, and easy to use. VERY. The interface rocks! You can schedule scans in a variety of ways.

The first time I ran Emsisoft I found malware that has been sitting on my machine since (I believe) 2005, passed from machine to machine. I had the file in there, but had not activated the worm. Oddly, it kept getting passed on and on. Even AVG, which I trusted for years, did not find this, but Emsisoft did. Certainly, Windows Defender didn’t catch it either. Emsisoft found seven files in my computer that were malware that Defender totally missed!

For a full year of Emsisoft, you will pay $29.95. I don’t think you need anything more than that! This is the full version, which I opted for due to employment requirements.

If you purchase through me, I benefit by getting free months of Emsisoft. I would post the download link but that might look suspicious to you guys, so I am not.

Here is an information page (c/o ME!) where you can choose to purchase or find out more!

Click here for Emsisoft Anti-malware!

Any questions about the software I actually might be able to answer, if you have any.

Breggin and the NRA, is this really good news?

The NRA is agreeing that psych drugs cause violence. Here’s the article:

While the NRA is powerful indeed, and has the money and clout we need to topple the pharmaceutical industrial complex, I believe this news is a mixed bag. Here is why:

I need to back up first and talk about “rights.” Is gun ownership (and furthermore, concealed carry, as they call it) a right, or a privilege?

Let’s compare to driving. Driving could be thought of as a right, but is it? It’s a conditional right. Is there such a thing? (Okay, I just invented it….)

“Here is a license. This grants you the conditional right to drive. You may drive so long as you pass a special test, you are over a certain age, and continue to drive legally. This is an ongoing requirement of the conditional right to drive. If you disobey, you’ll get ticketed and if you disobey very badly, you are likely to get caught, it’ll be very messy, and your conditional right to drive will be suspended or removed.”

To own a gun legally, which some people assume is a basic human right, one must obtain a permit.

Is gun ownership a basic human right now in 2018? In our current society, how many readers feel they need a gun to stay alive? If so, how does your gun sustain your life? Unless you hunt, it doesn’t supply food, and if you do hunt with a gun, you own a rifle, not a pistol that can be kept inside a coat pocket. Some hunters use a bow and arrow! Or they trap animals. If you hunt, do you depend on what you shoot as food? I mean depend! Aren’t there supermarkets in your state? Or a farm nearby?

If you are a woman living alone, how does a gun keep you alive? I have heard that keeping a gun by your bedside actually increases insomnia (statistically). Study after study shows that women who have been assaulted feel better if they do not sleep with a weapon, but leave weapons aside, or even get rid of them entirely.

In a PTSD insomnia book I read, I discovered this same phenomena. There’s an entire chapter on how to stop sleeping with a weapon. The weapon is fake security and keeps women awake! It’s like having a cell phone by your bed that you forget to turn down. Beep! Buzz! That gun calls you all night. The chapter on weapons (which I only skimmed, since I own none) suggests that week by week, move the weapon further away from the bedside, until it is totally out of the room. The fact that such as exercise has to exist tells me that a gun gives a person a false sense of security, not real security. I didn’t see anything in the book about sleeping with a dog, but I think there were bits and pieces in there. I happen to know one person whose trauma-related nightmares stopped when she got a dog.

If you own a gun, and the gun is taken from you, how do you feel?

I know that access to food and water is a basic human right. I know that when I was deprived of water, that was a human rights violation. It wasn’t about feeling anything. It was about getting water into me any way I could, and staying alive!

Is it like that when your gun is taken? Do you go through a medical crisis? Do you become dehydrated?

You might be pissed if your gun is taken from you, but that’s about all. It’s the equivalent of taking away a baseball glove away from a kid. The kid will pout and get pissed off, but he won’t go through too much of a withdrawal nor anything terribly serious.

The UN lists water as a basic human right and I can see that Tina Minkowitz has given some instructions on how to report a human rights abuse to the UN. I very well may do this, since the water restriction policy at MGH is arbitrary and ongoing. I fear someone else may be affected and could even die.

Can we conclude that gun ownership is not a basic right?

The NRA, however, sees gun ownership as about as basic as water. This is just plain illogical, a fallacy. I fear that the NRA, with its delusional stance, is likely going to conclude that guns are great so long as they stay away from anyone on psych drugs. What now?

As it is, we have the haves and the have nots. Those that can own, and those that are “unfit.” What does this mean? I see a split society, with the powerful on one hand running things, now with guns in their hands, and those seen as unfit, who cannot legally own them, who are powerless indeed.

What determines gun ownership? This varies by state. I am not sure of the rules in each state, but I have seen that some states are strict and others are lax.

What determines “unfit”? Apparently there’s a federal list that some states defer to and others do not. You can find out if you are on this DO NOT ISSUE list but you might not even know why.

Did you see a shrink ten years ago? Did you ever seek help in a mental institution? Have you ever been falsely accused of a crime or know anyone who has? Have you ever had an addiction? Does coffee count?  What about popcorn? Okay, so I write a lot, does that count?

Actually, as far as mental patients go, most states don’t count MP’s unless they’ve had specific types of court commitments.  The haves and the have nots.

Who is on psych drugs? Your grocer. Your college professor. The guy who delivers your mail (and watch out, he’ll go postal any day now…). The dude who works at Walmart.

But wait…who isn’t on psych drugs? Don’t they say “One in Four”? Does this mean 25% of the country could be by default, “have nots”? Or is the percentage even higher, considering those that take these drugs for “back pain,” “fibro,” “stage fright,” and so on?

What happens to the haves? What if the NRA demands that a person get a drug test when they apply for their permit? Uh oh….

A lot of those haves are going to stop their drugs right away, and end up in withdrawal. They’ll stop drugs like the ole Prozac. And the haves own guns. Oh no! We’re in for mayhem and bloodshed should that happen. Duck! Or run! Or leave the country!

All this would only happen if poor planning occurred. But we’ve seen enough poor planning, have we not? Global warming is a great example.

Maybe it’s time to polish up the running shoes in case we all have to skiddaddle.