You heard it here: Whole Foods is backing Monsato and carries GMO foods!

I don’t have a Whole Foods here. In fact, to my knowledge, there is no Whole Foods in all of Beaver County. Not even in the fancy borough of Beaver, the county seat (think: nicely paved streets, perfectly painted crosswalks and cross lights that talk to you, courtesy of the Borough!). Nope, no Whole Paycheck to be found here. Yay! I’m so happy…..Even with the prices down due corporational cooperation with Big Money Amazon. Nope. We do not have it. Either way, I had a feeling Whole Foods was going commercial. Those apples all perfectly lined up…it looked too polished to me. I was so turned off when I saw Whole Foods I wanted to run away! And the well-dressed clientele with their shiny, perfectly straight teeth. Ick.

As it turns out, my little birdie friend started reading labels. GMO foods. Yep, GMO at Whole Paycheck! Don’t be fooled! They back Monsato all the way. Big Ag has done it again. It’s a myth that the rich eat better. After all, cheap food means you save money buy buying PLAIN FOOD, and that means less processed, packaged junk.

The whole idea that Monsato is feeding the masses is baloney. If they really wanted to feed the masses, they are doing a great job of helping the masses get sick, get cancer, and die younger. Feed the masses spirulina or simple, inexpensive foods that can be cooked at home.

If they want to feed the masses, why are they fooling the masses? The emperor is naked, folks……

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