ATTN Allen Frances: Blaming a pill and blaming a psych disorder are not the same thing

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The devil didn’t make me do it — it was Ambien. Nice try, Roseanne

Drug effects and mental illness are two different ballgames. Mental illness is only in the eye of the diagnoser and only means you had contact with a mental health professional who diagnosed you.

I’d love to know if after all the horrible things Roseanne said, is she still stupid enough to continue taking Ambien?

Psych drugs are given without informed consent and often coerced. If Roseanne had been told, “This will cause impulsive behavior, and might cause you to do or say things you’ll later regret,” would she have taken it anyway? Did she believe the “tradeoff” lie? Did someone tell her she had a “mental illness” that justified giving her Ambien in the first place?

I have known people to act irresponsibly due to Ambien, directly due to Ambien. Then what happened? Quite similarly, other people blamed the person’s supposed mental disorder and didn’t even consider that it could have been the pill. The person was called “disordered” when he/she was really going through some horrific drug effects. In other words, the pill and its makers were excused, while the unknowing victim was blamed.

Did Barr even remember tweeting those things? Ambien causes memory lapses….

Dear Allen Frances, think twice before defending the pills. Think twice before defending the doctors that prescribe these harmful drugs. If Roseanne Barr was not warned and didn’t know, or didn’t know about the addiction potential, then why are you doubting what she said about Ambien?

Dr. Frances, I am tired of your having one foot in one door, the other foot in the other. Which side are you on?

One thought on “ATTN Allen Frances: Blaming a pill and blaming a psych disorder are not the same thing”

  1. Dr. Frances has a foot in one door, the other pops into his mouth from time to time. Hard to make up his mind when the APA keeps making him offers he can’t turn down. Well, he could, but it might mean selling one of his smaller vacation homes.

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