What do you guys think of “Right to Try” laws?

This is the law:


I have mixed feelings since the law actually covers very little. It will not benefit very many people, only those that can afford to pay for these treatments out of pocket. It doesn’t say it covers “treatment of one’s choosing” but covers “drugs.”

A terminally ill patient has the right to refuse medical “care” and can do this easily by going on Hospice. This is how it works: If you are determined to be terminally ill, and this being loosely defined as a doctor determining that you will definitely die within six months, then you can choose Hospice care, which will automatically mean Medicare (and likely any other medical insurance) is defunct. People don’t realize that Hospice actually gives people amazing freedom to choose! You no longer are bound by Medicare! Medicare is a trap and now, you’re finally out of that trap!

People don’t realize that Medicare is a trap, they think it’s great because it pays and pays and pays. This is what happens, though. Doctors milk it like mad. “It’s covered” starts to mean “We will give you unnecessary tests and treatments that will ultimately harm you!” People think they need this checked, that checked, this and that xrayed till they are glowing with radioactivity, and given so many drugs they are a walking pharmacy of interactions. You are so much better off if it’s not covered (with some exceptions). I have heard more stories about unnecessary tests and unnecessary procedures to make me dizzy.

If you’re on Hospice, it’s not covered anymore. Great! No more unnecessary tests and procedures. You’re free! You now get whatever you want that’s on that ole bucket list. And by the way, you all’s should be doing that every day anyway. Live every day as if you’re gonna die tomorrow. (Yes, I wrote, “Live every day as if you’re gonna diet tomorrow.” Then, I xed out the T. Typos tell you a lot, eh?)

Savor each meal as if tomorrow there’s gonna be a terrible famine, while you are at it. Love your home as if tomorrow a monsoon will take it away. Love your children as if they’ll be kidnapped any minute now. And love your freedom because later you might be locked up or silenced.

Will the law cover natural medicine? It doesn’t look that way? I think we should have the right to choose natural medicine! That’s a no-brainer! I’m not sure such laws are on the books already, but if you’re terminally ill you should have the right to eat pizza and ice cream every day if  you want, or go to the game and get the best seats, or hug a dolphin,  or win the lottery, or see psychiatry fall to pieces at last if that’s your dying wish.


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