Therapy abuse: Expect your voice to go unheard

Sadly, those of us who have been abused by therapists get silenced regularly. Spousal abuse is acceptable, okay to talk about. Child abuse is in the vogue. But you cannot talk about therapy abuse because if you do, you’re probably delusional, and god forbid discourage anyone from seeking bona fide “help.” It’s not even possible that one of those gods could be abusive, and anyone who makes the claim that a therapist was abusive is likely psychotic.

Sadly, I commented on another blog (the post was about narcissism) and mentioned that my therapist fit the narc description to the T. My comment was deleted. Sad.  Tragic.

This is just another example of the silencing. We’re delusional by default, because therapy abuse is considered impossible. It does indeed get me seething. Sadly, though, this silencing is typical human behavior.

We’re victims just like anyone else. We hurt from the abuse just like anyone else. We have to recover from it. But where do our stories go? They don’t go anywhere. They aren’t allowed.

But I think readers here know better, don’t we?

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