Cataract surgery update

I had my cataract surgery done on one eye this morning, in Downtown Pittsburgh. You may be wondering why I finally caved in to Western Med on this. I did so after being discriminated against on the job in January and realizing it would only get worse so long as I was perceived as “blind.” I can’t imagine what people who are truly blind go through as the butt-end of such horrible discrimination. I realized I didn’t want to be treated so badly anymore and I did have a choice. I also realized that not seeing was impeding my transportation options. I want to be able to ride a bike! I think I’ll be able to very soon, and will be able to resume running outdoors also.

I am delighted that the computer screen is so crystal clear if I view it with my brand new eye. I am not using any eyeglasses with that eye. I had them pop the lens out of my glasses, so I am using glasses on my old eye only. My new eye can see without any glasses at all. I am not sure how well. I suspect that I am seeing far better than predicted!  I was told my vision would be corrected by roughly 10 diopters, meaning that I’d still need glasses, but everything is so darned clear that I think I will not need them except for maybe very far away. I am amazed that I can read small print on the computer screen. Close up (cellular phone) is not so easy right now, nor can I see my watch, so I am using my old eye for that. I am amazed at how clearly I see. I am wearing sunglasses so my eyes won’t hurt too much.

When I first got home, my nose was running very badly. It ran so much I thought it would run away completely! Then, my eye ran, too. I called the eye doc office and they said this is totally normal. Then, both stopped running, just in time for Security to round them up haul them back to the locked ward and stop their nonsense. No worries, they’re now under heavy security, secured in their places on my head, and will not escape again. I never realized body parts could be an escape risk. What next?

All kidding aside, they do give you drugs during this procedure. I didn’t notice any “effect” from the drugs. Nor any “high” nor anything whatsoever. No dizziness nor did I actually feel “out of it” nor “drunk” as they claimed I would. I did not say a word of course. I don’t know what “drunk” really feels like, not the “pleasant drunk” really, only the unpleasant type of fuzzy-headed that I truly dislike. I know that I didn’t have any reaction to their drugs because of my long history of having taken antipsychotics, but I don’t have to tell them that!  They definitely numbed my eye very very well with numbing drops, many! They wondered why such a tiny person would “need” so much of their sedation drugs, or perhaps “tolerate,” but I said nothing, just let them give me their drugs and let them do the surgery, which was the important part, after all. I joked about Puzzle mostly during the prep and while they were inserting the IV, told them she was “ferocious” if she didn’t get fed. Which is true, is it not? When in doubt, joke about your dog, they love that……..

All in all, it went fine. How was your day?

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  1. Glad your surgery went uneventfully. My gmail quit notifying me of your posts for some reason.

    I had to see an eye doctor to prevent blindness in November, 2016. My cornea kept ripping off. Mild abrasions and dryness made it stick to my lid and tear when I opened my eyes in the morning. Ouch!

    My body dried out all the sudden. Kept craving water and oil. It’s better now. But I only had 5% of my left cornea for a while. Out of danger now.

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