They’ve canceled Roseanne, but here’s a little-known fact about Sirius XM!

Here’s an article about Roseanne:

Can you see that photo? Looks like SiriusXM sponsors Roseanne, or sponsored whoever had Roseanne on their show. Here’s a little-known fact about SiriusXM…

Guess who SiriusXM hired? None other than DialAmerica, the RACIST company that I worked for in January! That’s right, the company that discriminated against me because they perceived me as “blind.” I am not, but the point is, they believed I was, as I heard them state, and they verbally stated directly to me that they refused to accommodate my (perceived) vision impairment, that is, refused to make reasonable accommodations such as making their mouse cursor and pointer more visible! I have been writing a blog post on exactly what happened at DialAmerica, about the bullying I went through and the way they fraudulently accused me of racism as basis for firing, even admitting to me several times that their accusation of racism was not valid. Who was racist? They were.

I did not work for SiriusXM directly, nor did any of the workers at DialAmerica, but SiriusXM was a huge client of theirs. Some of the original workers who started with me were forced to switch to the SiriusXM team when the HomeServe work fizzled out completely. They couldn’t move me over to that team because I couldn’t work evenings, which I firmly stated. Getting rid of me made a lot of sense, therefore. I was disposable, as was anyone else who refused to transfer, or who was not so compliant as they would like.

Of the originals who were hired, I think only one remained, one or two, but I am not sure. Those that remained switched over.

I don’t know anything AT ALL about Roseanne nor anything about her tweets.  I have not watched TV for a couple of decades now, so don’t ask me!  I barely know who she is. I do know it is unwise to tweet on impulse, while drunk, or while pissed off, or to tweet anything that could be misconstrued, that could be interpreted as sarcastic as well. One should minimize figures of speech that could be taken multiple ways. I don’t understand the point of Roseanne’s tweets.

I am saddened that misinterpretation happens a lot, too much. There is no excuse for deliberately twisting around a person’s words, either, just like there’s no excuse for racism.

I am saddened that when it comes to what we say these days, people are policed to the point that we live in constant fear of saying the wrong thing. We shouldn’t have to live like this. We shouldn’t have to live in terror just because there are a few people out there who really do say truly offensive stuff, and get away with it. It has more to do with who holds the power than anything else.

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