Should psychedelics and Ecstasy be added to psychiatry’s list of remedies?

There’s been some fringe push for legalizing these drugs as prescription possibilities for psychiatry, but they’re having trouble getting legal permission to do preliminary testing. I hope it stays that way and nothing gets off the ground. Here’s why.

Prescribing hallucinogens and Ecstasy would raise psychiatry’s ailing popularity. Psych is starting to get a bad rap, and for good reason, too. They’re likely running out of ideas. Having these appealing drugs in their arsenal will bring in all sorts of new customers. This is bad news for us in the anti-psych crowd.

Secondly, What if these drugs got into the wrong hands? I’m not talking about drug abusers or resellers, but into the hands of psychiatrists who were using the patient’s “high” for less than ethical purposes. Sexual assault comes to mind, along with brainwashing, controlling the patient, silencing, and other forms of abuse.  “Molding the mind”sounds terrifying to me.

Thirdly, what if psychiatry decides to administer these dangerous drugs by force?  What if patients were on such a regimen as part of AOT?

Do we really want a nation that’s stoned? A large population easily influenced because they can no longer think straight?

Or do we have that already, in the form of drugging with Prozac, Zyprexa, and other emotion-suppressing drugs?

The very thought of being drugged with that stuff scares the heck out of me. I cherish my emotions and I do not find emotions hard to bear. Even the toughies are preferable to smothering my emotions with drugs.

If I wanted illegal drugs, I sure would not go to a psychiatrist to get them. I’d get them on the street, and that by choice, and choice only.

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