Disgusting huge homes for sale in MA

I can’t believe people live like this. Absolutely sickening.


How does a person keep a home like that clean? Seven bathrooms, great news for the local plumber, who would probably feel nauseous just parking in the driveway of one of these places. Or anyone. If you dare.

Please tell me the owners take in foster kids, like 20 of them. Or that they let homeless people stay in the extra rooms. Free.  Bet these homes are not near a bus line. God forbid.

Ah, the haves and the have nots.

I’m happy where I am. I’m happy to have a small place, just enough for me to take care of. Just big enough for me and Puzzle. I got one bathroom, with a toilet that seems to work now.  Not that that matters, as I am happy just pouring a bucket of water into it.

My friend says he cannot live without a washer and dryer. I gotta laugh. He’s deprived of the wonder of the laundromat, or the joy of washing and ironing clothes by hand.  I doubt I would even use a washer if I had one.

What would I do with a giant house? What would you do with one? Likely, turn half of it into something else. Still, too much maintenance for me! Especially the useless giant swimming pool. It’s a huge waste of water and land. You can’t do laundry in it, so what good is it? I wonder how high the taxes are……


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