Awesome antimalware program called Emsisoft

I discovered Emsisoft through another site I frequent, a nonprofit site, which actually benefited when I used their referral link.

Emsisoft is lightweight, not too expensive, works extremely well, and easy to use. VERY. The interface rocks! You can schedule scans in a variety of ways.

The first time I ran Emsisoft I found malware that has been sitting on my machine since (I believe) 2005, passed from machine to machine. I had the file in there, but had not activated the worm. Oddly, it kept getting passed on and on. Even AVG, which I trusted for years, did not find this, but Emsisoft did. Certainly, Windows Defender didn’t catch it either. Emsisoft found seven files in my computer that were malware that Defender totally missed!

For a full year of Emsisoft, you will pay $29.95. I don’t think you need anything more than that! This is the full version, which I opted for due to employment requirements.

If you purchase through me, I benefit by getting free months of Emsisoft. I would post the download link but that might look suspicious to you guys, so I am not.

Here is an information page (c/o ME!) where you can choose to purchase or find out more!

Click here for Emsisoft Anti-malware!

Any questions about the software I actually might be able to answer, if you have any.

Feedback and comments welcome!