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In Search Of Missing US Suicides

Note my comment. Scroll down and you will find it. PLEASE.  Please provide rebuttal. Just me yapping, one person, isn’t going to look credible but if you guys back me, it will. Bombard him with evidence. Thanks. I’m counting on you!

SSRI drugs do not save lives, do not prevent suicide, and actually, cause it. Please provide statistics, etc. I think also he has Santa Fe wrong since it was Santa Fe, Texas, not NM, but anyway……

ATTN Allen Frances: Blaming a pill and blaming a psych disorder are not the same thing

Here’s the link:

The devil didn’t make me do it — it was Ambien. Nice try, Roseanne

Drug effects and mental illness are two different ballgames. Mental illness is only in the eye of the diagnoser and only means you had contact with a mental health professional who diagnosed you.

I’d love to know if after all the horrible things Roseanne said, is she still stupid enough to continue taking Ambien?

Psych drugs are given without informed consent and often coerced. If Roseanne had been told, “This will cause impulsive behavior, and might cause you to do or say things you’ll later regret,” would she have taken it anyway? Did she believe the “tradeoff” lie? Did someone tell her she had a “mental illness” that justified giving her Ambien in the first place?

I have known people to act irresponsibly due to Ambien, directly due to Ambien. Then what happened? Quite similarly, other people blamed the person’s supposed mental disorder and didn’t even consider that it could have been the pill. The person was called “disordered” when he/she was really going through some horrific drug effects. In other words, the pill and its makers were excused, while the unknowing victim was blamed.

Did Barr even remember tweeting those things? Ambien causes memory lapses….

Dear Allen Frances, think twice before defending the pills. Think twice before defending the doctors that prescribe these harmful drugs. If Roseanne Barr was not warned and didn’t know, or didn’t know about the addiction potential, then why are you doubting what she said about Ambien?

Dr. Frances, I am tired of your having one foot in one door, the other foot in the other. Which side are you on?

Therapy abuse: Expect your voice to go unheard

Sadly, those of us who have been abused by therapists get silenced regularly. Spousal abuse is acceptable, okay to talk about. Child abuse is in the vogue. But you cannot talk about therapy abuse because if you do, you’re probably delusional, and god forbid discourage anyone from seeking bona fide “help.” It’s not even possible that one of those gods could be abusive, and anyone who makes the claim that a therapist was abusive is likely psychotic.

Sadly, I commented on another blog (the post was about narcissism) and mentioned that my therapist fit the narc description to the T. My comment was deleted. Sad.  Tragic.

This is just another example of the silencing. We’re delusional by default, because therapy abuse is considered impossible. It does indeed get me seething. Sadly, though, this silencing is typical human behavior.

We’re victims just like anyone else. We hurt from the abuse just like anyone else. We have to recover from it. But where do our stories go? They don’t go anywhere. They aren’t allowed.

But I think readers here know better, don’t we?

What do you guys think of “Right to Try” laws?

This is the law:

I have mixed feelings since the law actually covers very little. It will not benefit very many people, only those that can afford to pay for these treatments out of pocket. It doesn’t say it covers “treatment of one’s choosing” but covers “drugs.”

A terminally ill patient has the right to refuse medical “care” and can do this easily by going on Hospice. This is how it works: If you are determined to be terminally ill, and this being loosely defined as a doctor determining that you will definitely die within six months, then you can choose Hospice care, which will automatically mean Medicare (and likely any other medical insurance) is defunct. People don’t realize that Hospice actually gives people amazing freedom to choose! You no longer are bound by Medicare! Medicare is a trap and now, you’re finally out of that trap!

People don’t realize that Medicare is a trap, they think it’s great because it pays and pays and pays. This is what happens, though. Doctors milk it like mad. “It’s covered” starts to mean “We will give you unnecessary tests and treatments that will ultimately harm you!” People think they need this checked, that checked, this and that xrayed till they are glowing with radioactivity, and given so many drugs they are a walking pharmacy of interactions. You are so much better off if it’s not covered (with some exceptions). I have heard more stories about unnecessary tests and unnecessary procedures to make me dizzy.

If you’re on Hospice, it’s not covered anymore. Great! No more unnecessary tests and procedures. You’re free! You now get whatever you want that’s on that ole bucket list. And by the way, you all’s should be doing that every day anyway. Live every day as if you’re gonna die tomorrow. (Yes, I wrote, “Live every day as if you’re gonna diet tomorrow.” Then, I xed out the T. Typos tell you a lot, eh?)

Savor each meal as if tomorrow there’s gonna be a terrible famine, while you are at it. Love your home as if tomorrow a monsoon will take it away. Love your children as if they’ll be kidnapped any minute now. And love your freedom because later you might be locked up or silenced.

Will the law cover natural medicine? It doesn’t look that way? I think we should have the right to choose natural medicine! That’s a no-brainer! I’m not sure such laws are on the books already, but if you’re terminally ill you should have the right to eat pizza and ice cream every day if  you want, or go to the game and get the best seats, or hug a dolphin,  or win the lottery, or see psychiatry fall to pieces at last if that’s your dying wish.


Cataract surgery update

I had my cataract surgery done on one eye this morning, in Downtown Pittsburgh. You may be wondering why I finally caved in to Western Med on this. I did so after being discriminated against on the job in January and realizing it would only get worse so long as I was perceived as “blind.” I can’t imagine what people who are truly blind go through as the butt-end of such horrible discrimination. I realized I didn’t want to be treated so badly anymore and I did have a choice. I also realized that not seeing was impeding my transportation options. I want to be able to ride a bike! I think I’ll be able to very soon, and will be able to resume running outdoors also.

I am delighted that the computer screen is so crystal clear if I view it with my brand new eye. I am not using any eyeglasses with that eye. I had them pop the lens out of my glasses, so I am using glasses on my old eye only. My new eye can see without any glasses at all. I am not sure how well. I suspect that I am seeing far better than predicted!  I was told my vision would be corrected by roughly 10 diopters, meaning that I’d still need glasses, but everything is so darned clear that I think I will not need them except for maybe very far away. I am amazed that I can read small print on the computer screen. Close up (cellular phone) is not so easy right now, nor can I see my watch, so I am using my old eye for that. I am amazed at how clearly I see. I am wearing sunglasses so my eyes won’t hurt too much.

When I first got home, my nose was running very badly. It ran so much I thought it would run away completely! Then, my eye ran, too. I called the eye doc office and they said this is totally normal. Then, both stopped running, just in time for Security to round them up haul them back to the locked ward and stop their nonsense. No worries, they’re now under heavy security, secured in their places on my head, and will not escape again. I never realized body parts could be an escape risk. What next?

All kidding aside, they do give you drugs during this procedure. I didn’t notice any “effect” from the drugs. Nor any “high” nor anything whatsoever. No dizziness nor did I actually feel “out of it” nor “drunk” as they claimed I would. I did not say a word of course. I don’t know what “drunk” really feels like, not the “pleasant drunk” really, only the unpleasant type of fuzzy-headed that I truly dislike. I know that I didn’t have any reaction to their drugs because of my long history of having taken antipsychotics, but I don’t have to tell them that!  They definitely numbed my eye very very well with numbing drops, many! They wondered why such a tiny person would “need” so much of their sedation drugs, or perhaps “tolerate,” but I said nothing, just let them give me their drugs and let them do the surgery, which was the important part, after all. I joked about Puzzle mostly during the prep and while they were inserting the IV, told them she was “ferocious” if she didn’t get fed. Which is true, is it not? When in doubt, joke about your dog, they love that……..

All in all, it went fine. How was your day?

They’ve canceled Roseanne, but here’s a little-known fact about Sirius XM!

Here’s an article about Roseanne:

Can you see that photo? Looks like SiriusXM sponsors Roseanne, or sponsored whoever had Roseanne on their show. Here’s a little-known fact about SiriusXM…

Guess who SiriusXM hired? None other than DialAmerica, the RACIST company that I worked for in January! That’s right, the company that discriminated against me because they perceived me as “blind.” I am not, but the point is, they believed I was, as I heard them state, and they verbally stated directly to me that they refused to accommodate my (perceived) vision impairment, that is, refused to make reasonable accommodations such as making their mouse cursor and pointer more visible! I have been writing a blog post on exactly what happened at DialAmerica, about the bullying I went through and the way they fraudulently accused me of racism as basis for firing, even admitting to me several times that their accusation of racism was not valid. Who was racist? They were.

I did not work for SiriusXM directly, nor did any of the workers at DialAmerica, but SiriusXM was a huge client of theirs. Some of the original workers who started with me were forced to switch to the SiriusXM team when the HomeServe work fizzled out completely. They couldn’t move me over to that team because I couldn’t work evenings, which I firmly stated. Getting rid of me made a lot of sense, therefore. I was disposable, as was anyone else who refused to transfer, or who was not so compliant as they would like.

Of the originals who were hired, I think only one remained, one or two, but I am not sure. Those that remained switched over.

I don’t know anything AT ALL about Roseanne nor anything about her tweets.  I have not watched TV for a couple of decades now, so don’t ask me!  I barely know who she is. I do know it is unwise to tweet on impulse, while drunk, or while pissed off, or to tweet anything that could be misconstrued, that could be interpreted as sarcastic as well. One should minimize figures of speech that could be taken multiple ways. I don’t understand the point of Roseanne’s tweets.

I am saddened that misinterpretation happens a lot, too much. There is no excuse for deliberately twisting around a person’s words, either, just like there’s no excuse for racism.

I am saddened that when it comes to what we say these days, people are policed to the point that we live in constant fear of saying the wrong thing. We shouldn’t have to live like this. We shouldn’t have to live in terror just because there are a few people out there who really do say truly offensive stuff, and get away with it. It has more to do with who holds the power than anything else.

So she was likely kidding around with her friend, but don’t do that these days……

Check it out!

Do you see what I see? Don’t even joke about it. You can’t trust your friends anymore. You can’t. Don’t joke about it or you might be sorry. Don’t make reference to mass shooters, don’t mention their names even.  I take risks all the time by mentioning them here. What I say could be misconstrued by anyone out there. Anyone. And has.

What’s this with Ben and Jerry’s and MoveOn?

Every email I get from MoveOn asks for money. It’s infuriating and they email just about daily. Now anything from Ben and Jerry is also MoveOn. Looks like this organization bought out not only the “ice cream guys,” but Sen Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders also.

Is MoveOn a PAC? Seems to be.