Murder-suicide steeped in jealousy and affluence: But read her social media posts…psych drugs? Likely again….

I just picked this up in my news feed.

Folks, read down. Note that Jennair Gerardot pleads on Nextdoor (or possibly other social media) for a divorce attorney OR marriage counselor, but ALSO states the following:

“We will need someone who is very educated and experienced dealing with couples issues including infidelity, depression, traumatic experiences, child/parent dynamics, being accountable for actions, etc.”

There is no mention in the article that the couple had children, so I don’t believe they did. Child/parent issues likely refers to Jennair’s own parent/child issues, her own traumatic experiences, and her own depression.

I ask if she was receiving “treatment” for this depression and if so, did it involve SSRI drugs? How recently was she prescribed these drugs? Her husband likely wasn’t even aware of who she was “seeing” because their marriage was on the rocks, right?  However, there’s likely to be an investigation and maybe we’ll find out about prescriptions she filled. If so, we may have a piece of this puzzle solved right here and now.

I would also expect the following to happen: As soon as the discovery is made that Jennair Gerardot was seeing a psychiatrist or prescribed drugs, any media coverage of her consumption of psych drugs is likely to be suppressed as fast as possible. Whoever prescribed the drugs will claim “HIPAA keeps him/her from saying anything.” Or, possibly, we will see this practitioner suddenly going on extended leave abroad, or move his/her practice to another state where he had been quietly keeping a second license in case this sort of thing ever occurred.

Wait and see.

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