Don’t move to West Mifflin, PA

If you have ever considered relocating to West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, here is why you should not move there. I know there are jobs there because there are a few office parks located in West Mifflin. I would not want to live there, though, and here is why…..

KENNYWOOD! Kennywood is a huge “amusement park.” You might think, “Oh, that’ll be great for the kids.” It will not.

You might think it’s great if you go there once. You will not think it’s great after the third time. I promise.

If you live within two miles of Kennywood, you will learn to hate Kennywood with a passion. I can’t imagine anyone likes it there unless they are completely and utterly deaf.

I lived about half a block from a small amusement park in South America. It was hell all summer. I could not live there. I felt like tearing my hair out from the loud noise I had to put up with. Not only that but there was no public library nor one single QUIET cafe to escape to, and no one there took pity on me enough to rent their garage out so I could escape the loud amusement park noise.

Later, after I moved to the other end of town to get away from that godawful noise, friends told me they could hear the amusement park even seven or eight blocks away during the summer. That park started up at 4pm daily and ran till 4am in the morning. I hated it so bad……

Not only that, but homes in Uruguay were not insulated. Insulation keeps out the noise. It was HELL. Hell on earth listening to that. I can’t even think about it without feeling terrible.

Don’t move to West Mifflin! I cannot imagine it’s at all quiet there. Even a few miles away you’ll hear screaming tourists driving to and from that noisy amusement park, blasting their stereos. Ugh.

Unless, of course, you love noise…in that case, none of this applies. I suppose some people just don’t care or are deaf or listen to headphones all the time or blast their TV’s or all of the above. What a life.

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